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  1. maerijn

    Oil pressure issue possibly

    I could check my wiring loom where it comes out.. will let you know
  2. maerijn

    Oil pressure issue possibly

    It should be a wire in the branch of the loom which also has the plug for o2 sensor and water temp sensors
  3. maerijn

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    Nice plans! Doing the whole job at once
  4. maerijn

    Odd running issue

    Where is your gauge connected to the inlet manifold?
  5. maerijn

    What gearbox's fit?

    4EFE gearboxes should be able to hold on for a while. I've used a 2E-E box in the past and it developed a slight crunch/whine in 3rd gear after ~2 years of driving You could also search for a 6speed box of an 4AFE, and swap the bellhousing
  6. maerijn

    What gearbox's fit?

    Any 2e and 4efe box Personally i would look for a 6 speed from a corolla with a 4efe Not sure if u can reuse your driveshafts..
  7. maerijn

    Engine tapping

    Even better, you can simply unplug it and see if the noise goes away. But this sounds worse, I would do a compression test
  8. maerijn

    Change timing belt ep70 -87

    The engine number will be stamped at the exhaust side of the engine block.. but if its a diesel I am not sure
  9. maerijn

    Change timing belt ep70 -87

    If its a 2E engine the water pump is not driven by the timing belt, so it can be changed separately depending on the mileage. I would recommend a timing belt by Continental, and ofcourse change the rollers aswell. You can also check if the crankshaft seal on the that side of the engine is still dry, if it is wet get a new one from the Toyota dealer.
  10. maerijn

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    Guess the only way to find out is follow the wires coming from the seat
  11. maerijn

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    Looks epic! The 2 tone really suits the lip
  12. maerijn

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    This will give you an idea of what it looks like I didnt cut out the front lip for the intercooler, it gets plenty of fresh air still
  13. maerijn

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    Looks great man I have the full doobie kit on my car (except the front grill)
  14. maerijn

    Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

    The way ignition lead on cilinder number 2 sits looks a bit weird