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  1. maerijn

    My white my2 project

    it seems to be sitting very loosely in its bushings
  2. maerijn

    fault finding reverse light??

    Is it plugged in on the gearbox? Try a different switch in that?
  3. maerijn

    Engine trouble

    what about the earth on the gearbox? sounds like a vacuum leak
  4. maerijn

    My white my2 project

    Zisco ramhorn You wont have any problems with cracking manifolds for a while, thats for sure. Should've polished it before fitting
  5. maerijn

    My 2 quad light projects

    Interior parts.. but guess they are too big to post
  6. maerijn

    My 2 quad light projects

    Good work Will you ship parts to the Netherlands?
  7. maerijn

    My 2 quad light projects

  8. maerijn

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    awesome mate What ECU are you using?
  9. maerijn

    Carb options

    Double Webers has been done on a EP71 cup Starlet Edit: here's some more information http://starlet-forum.nl/index.php?topic=22095.150
  10. Could you send me some more photos, and is it possible to ship to the Netherlands?
  11. Is the steering column for power steering, and is that handle for height adjustability?
  12. maerijn

    Best tyres?

    I've purchased a set of Nankang NS2's last summer to try them and they are the best tire I've ever had, decent grip in dry and wet and little wear
  13. maerijn

    Glanza discs/Pads

    NA has drums on the rear so not the same
  14. maerijn

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Looking good! Will you do the wiring yourself?