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  1. maerijn

    Carb options

    Double Webers has been done on a EP71 cup Starlet Edit: here's some more information http://starlet-forum.nl/index.php?topic=22095.150
  2. Could you send me some more photos, and is it possible to ship to the Netherlands?
  3. Is the steering column for power steering, and is that handle for height adjustability?
  4. maerijn

    Best tyres?

    I've purchased a set of Nankang NS2's last summer to try them and they are the best tire I've ever had, decent grip in dry and wet and little wear
  5. maerijn

    Glanza discs/Pads

    NA has drums on the rear so not the same
  6. maerijn

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Looking good! Will you do the wiring yourself?
  7. maerijn

    Square headlights

    Yeah, but you can soften the glue with a heatgun or shove the entire headlight assy in an oven
  8. maerijn

    Square headlights

    Have they become yellow? They are plastic so you could refurbish them
  9. They are not the same, they have a different shape. mk1 bumpers are actually quite rare and wanted
  10. maerijn

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    What a beautiful car!
  11. maerijn

    Not so rare 4efe-t starlet love

    Jesus christ.. ofcourse it's not going to withstand any high temperatures Get a friend or family who is mechanically inclined enough who can help you with this?
  12. maerijn

    Corolla 6 speed gearbox.

    I paid 200 Euro for mine but they are rare here
  13. maerijn

    Hks evc V vacuum plumbing

    Don't split the map sensor hose, use the nipple which is closer to the idle control valve
  14. they are not NA lights, they would have a curve to them in the corners at the grill