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  1. Recaro interior

    ^^ who on facebook sells the rails??
  2. 2000 tt quattro 225bhp

    I got my wife a leon cupra r with the same engine. BAM engine are 225bhp. they are not slow but with a bit if tuning easily go well. The six speed box works well with the engine and is nice drive with. Suffer from a couple of common faults. Look em up on google. Engine sludge, easily overcome with forte. my one had a auxiliary water pump leak, easy fix. just look out for usual oil leaks and   Turbo pipes.  They are strong engines in general and easy to tune. 

    Check the manifold with a straight edge and use two manifold gaskets with the toyosport. you do get a ticking noise that rises with rpm if there is a leak
  4. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Good news! hope everyone will get there ecu soon.   
  5. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Whats happening with this? Still one left?
  6. ID-Workz New Website!

    This is happening when i load on my Phone. I think its a glitch that needs sorting. Or its just me old phone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How much can standard internals take?

    Depends how the bhp is achieved. Good ecu with a good mapper it will hold 220-250. Depends on engine health and many other factors
  8. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    You cant get better for the money! One of the best things that has happened to the starlet scene. And im glad its on the forum. These will go fast just like they did last time, And yes i got one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. *pete*

    Excellent seller, received mine fast and well packaged. Thanks pete
  10. Red5 (Mk1 Eunos)

    its a starlet forum but any car is welcome here, Im happy to see any build thread from passionate owners. Its all in the details that no one notices These mx5 are awesome little cars. Lots of mods you can do these now, Is this 1.8? They are solid little motors Looks foward to seeing progress on this
  11. Chloë's White Starlet

    Nice update, Car sits really nice on those alloys.
  12. Polymer or OEM bushes

    You put it on when installing but if they start making noise you will need to regrease them. More common on suspension bushing
  13. A guide to fit an aftermarket Quaife LSD

    Its a photobucket issue, taggy might be able to sort it. But dont expect for it to be sorted anytime soon as poeple are trying to figure out the easiest way to sort it out
  14. Funny onion!

    Legend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Polymer or OEM bushes

    If you want to do the engine mounts i suggest some tiger seal instead of polybush. Polybush is too harsh for the roads in my opinion.