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  1. 5T4R7ET N/A

    What gearbox's fit?

    I ran a paseo gearbox for a while and it was fine. I would say they can handle 180bhp maybe more. Depends more on torque really. Im sure someone ran over 200 on a 4efe but they have a aftermarket LSD.
  2. 5T4R7ET N/A

    New! CT9 external waste gate adapter

  3. 5T4R7ET N/A

    New! CT9 external waste gate adapter

    I will PM you once i have figured out if i can actually get this to fit on my setup.
  4. 5T4R7ET N/A

    New! CT9 external waste gate adapter

    Could you make one for a td04 manifold?
  5. 5T4R7ET N/A

    Rich idle, fine on cruising

    Ifs its standard ecu it should run rich when cold and lean out after its fully warmed up. Thats what mine does. Also found when disconnecting battery it would take time to for it to get back to normal. A wideband air fuel ratio gauge is what you need.
  6. 5T4R7ET N/A

    What is wrong with this car?

    Could be seller not getting price he/she wanted? looks alright in pics though
  7. 5T4R7ET N/A

    No battery power

    The altenator fuse i believe is 100amp. Make sure you got the right one in there.should have sticker inside fuse box
  8. 5T4R7ET N/A

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    thats good you have your own opinion on it mate, I've been around the modded car scene for a long time and if you really like something then go for it. Its why we mod cars, to change it to something that you think is better. I was looking like yourself for a remix bumper at one time, but couldnt find one complete with grill and foglights.
  9. 5T4R7ET N/A

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    98 bumper picture my one is a 96
  10. 5T4R7ET N/A

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Just to clear things up. The remix front bumper is for uk starlets. Uk starlets have different headlights, bonnet and front bumper compared to glanza (japanese import starlet) the red part of the bumper is uk starlet, and the rest (grey) is a glanza bumper. The splitter is 96 glanza There are two versions of the glanza bumper. You can choose 96 or 98 model bumper.
  11. 5T4R7ET N/A

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Yes, Cant remeber if i put the pictures up. Havnt done much to my car recently. but this will give you an idea, plus you can choose 96 spec bumper like me or go 98 spec.
  12. 5T4R7ET N/A

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    Or be more unique and make a bumper like i did, not that difficult and costs a lot less.
  13. 5T4R7ET N/A

    Handbrake not working

    I would defo go drums for long term setup. Much more reliable setup, never had a problem with mine.
  14. 5T4R7ET N/A

    GT doesnt rev past 1/4 throttle help!

    Could be tps? Have you taken throttle body off for any something?
  15. 5T4R7ET N/A

    Injectors for td04

    Your probably pushing the standard injectors pretty hard at 1 bar, also if you plan to go for more power later on its future proofing them. The standard injectors will be at least around 20 years old now, i would upgrade, but only if you got the right management to go with it