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  1. Paseo Project. PP. Cursed

    If you want to bring the air temps down a bit more then get a catch can vented to atmosphere.  The stock setup had hot crank case gases pumped in
  2. What is that battery your running?   Looks nice and small, does it cope with cold starts ok?
  3. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    If you have standard ecu 0.5-6 bar on a td04 is fine. If you have a wideband AFR gauge that would be very useful. If your planning to tune it later its good to have one anyway
  4. Project Red Ranger

    Pretty sure they are 195 50
  5. Engine oil sucked through turbo.

    Check the hoses for oil inside them,   intercooler piping and the small hoses from the turbo to the any thing in your setup.  Then after you have made oil is all gone, check turbo for shaft play and see if its spinning freely.   
  6. Steering column bearing

    I have never heard of a loose bearing in the steering column.  Its a simple steering rack with a track rod arm in each side.  The steering rack is also pretty simple with one knuckle joint.  The only thing i can think of is a “wheel bearing” which is common amongst starlets because of the age of them now. the wheel bearing are pressed into the hub. They can be replaced, but sometimes its easier just to get a second hand hub with a good wheel bearing.  
  7. Intercooler hot pipe close to manifold

    Ideally a front mount is what you want. The top mounts a prone to heat soak because of the location of them.
  8. Does anyone know what headlights these are?

    Custom for sure, a few people have done a retrofit of hid projectors.  
  9. Anyone Know Where the Fuel Pump Fuse is?

    pretty sure its the efi fuse for fuel as i take it out when i do compression tests Fuse box is located in engine bay The small fuse box in the driver side dash is for lights and ignition and stuff.    
  10. Speeding advice?

    Thats crazy, 56 days is nothing!  I would be telling everybody.   132 out of a starlet? That’s easy work you didnt hit the limiter? that a nice suprise at that speed.   the only thing to worry about now is the increased insurance for the next few years.
  11. 5T4R7ET N/A's Sportif Turbo

    Looking for one of these for a while now. They were going for stupid money so i had to be patient. Finally got one. 80mm Greddy boost gauge. Its a mechanical one just to show you pressure.     
  12. can someone please help me

    ^^ starlets in scrap yards are not that common. you get a lot of fords and vauxhalls.    Ebay/gumtree is ok for small parts. Or someone on here breaking a starlet. Your interior light and clock stop working?  Sounds like a blown fuse?
  13. New member looking advice :)

    What starlet do you have? ep91? Have a look in the for sale section and breakers for people selling bumpers.  Or ebay wheels is personal preference in taste but i would stick to 15" alloys 55mm centre hole and 4x100. Looks at what others have got. you might want to look into suspension mods with the alloys otherwise your arch gaps with be big.    
  14. Overpriced for sure, you can get a decent v for around that money
  15. Good progress dude, forgot how good the remix bumpers look. nice idea with the headlights, 2018 should be a good year for this little motor