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  1. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    You may have disturbed the pipes when you undone the starter or the rear bell housing bolt . Worth a check
  2. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    I know they do make a difference to making the steering heavier and lighter . So one may have split or been damage or popped off if you have done any engine work lately ?
  3. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    Vacuum hoses on inlet to steering rack split or damaged ?
  4. T-dog

    Engine block numbers

    Ok mate spot on cheers
  5. What do these numbers mean stamp on the bottom of the block , 22222 . Thanks Toby
  6. Any wepr or Zisco ct9 kits hanging about ? . Must have manifold, downpipe and screamer . Thanks Toby
  7. T-dog

    lower arm bush size

    The last 3 Glanza’s I have had use 31mm ones
  8. T-dog

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    Interested the more people the cheaper hopefully lol
  9. T-dog

    Oil blanking bolt size

    Yeah as above m16/ 1.5
  10. T-dog

    Oil blanking bolt size

  11. Should hopefully be a few ep’s there then , see you there guys
  12. Anyone on here going to this Sunday ? I’ll be there in my Glanza if you see me say hi
  13. T-dog

    TD04 Fuel Pressure Settings

    I would and keep them and the rising fpr for the future If you ever get it map on a piggy back or standalone ecu
  14. T-dog

    TD04 Fuel Pressure Settings

    I would leave it around .8 - .9 bar and up it when you get a wideband to check the fueling . Yeah you can do mate but I would remove it and fit the standard fpr in the rail and that will eliminate any issues