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  1. T-dog


    Top photo is oil pressure . The second photo grey plug water temp sensor to ecu and the spade underneath is for the water temp gauge and the red one looks like some aftermarket sender fitting for a water temp gauge . Hope this helps
  2. Hi guys , anyone know which way the valve stem seals go ? I bought a Toyota full gasket kit but the clear bags in the kit are 2 different colours . Brown and sliver . Which ones are inlet and which ones are exhaust ? Thanks Toby
  3. T-dog

    piston gudgeon pin

    Any tips on removal, ie : heat , then press etc as I don’t wanna damage my rods
  4. T-dog

    piston gudgeon pin

    Ok cheers mate
  5. Hi guys , how do you remove the piston gudgeon pins ? Are they press in or little c clips hidden ? Thanks Toby
  6. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    You may have disturbed the pipes when you undone the starter or the rear bell housing bolt . Worth a check
  7. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    I know they do make a difference to making the steering heavier and lighter . So one may have split or been damage or popped off if you have done any engine work lately ?
  8. T-dog

    Power Steering Issue

    Vacuum hoses on inlet to steering rack split or damaged ?
  9. T-dog

    Engine block numbers

    Ok mate spot on cheers
  10. What do these numbers mean stamp on the bottom of the block , 22222 . Thanks Toby
  11. Any wepr or Zisco ct9 kits hanging about ? . Must have manifold, downpipe and screamer . Thanks Toby
  12. T-dog

    lower arm bush size

    The last 3 Glanza’s I have had use 31mm ones
  13. T-dog

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    Interested the more people the cheaper hopefully lol
  14. T-dog

    Oil blanking bolt size

    Yeah as above m16/ 1.5