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  1. Negative wire on the coil pack

    Glad you got it sorted 
  2. Negative wire on the coil pack

    I’m sure it was the red and black wire , but one worked and one didn’t  Toby 
  3. Hi , after a 99 spec Glanza steering wheel surround , if anyone has one give me a shout . Cheers Toby 
  4. Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    I’m having the same problem with the clutch line at the moment and have just sent it back for them to make it longer , so hopefully you have help them sort the issue one and for all as doing it over email and photos didn’t seem to work well lol  Toby 
  5. Headlights failed, relay?

    Same issue as my one was then . Glad you got it sorted saved you a bit of head scratching lol  Toby 
  6. Headlights failed, relay?

    No worries , let me know how you get on , the brake was under the fuse box ( gives you somewhere to start ) 
  7. Headlights failed, relay?

    I had the same problem a few years ago on a n/a Ep91 , thought it was the stalk or relay , but turn out to be the signal switch 12v wire from the stalk to the fuse box ( the one that tell the lights to come on and off when you turn the stalk ) , the wire looked fine but had corrosion inside causing it not to be making a connection , so replaced about 30cm of it and was spot on . The best way I found was to check was get a multimeter with long ends and test from the stalk plug to the bottom of the fuse box relays / light fuses for Continuity and that will highlight any issues if there is a brake . Hope this helps   Toby 
  8. Glanza reverse lenses

    Yeah you need to take the plate surround off completely and there is 2 screws holding them to the surround each side  Toby 
  9. Spoiler tax and duty...

    Yeah will be around that , I think it’s deffo worth it lol 
  10. Spoiler tax and duty...

    I looked into it the other day as I want to do the same and just the spoiler and postage is just under £500 and then I would say you would have to allow another 100 for tax etc . Last time I ordered from rhd the import tax was £96 when it arrived with Royal Mail  Toby 
  11. Ep91 livesport spoiler

    Anyone got one forsale , fake or genuine , big cash waiting , pm me  Toby 
  12. Negative wire on the coil pack

    I wired in a omex Rev limter the other day on my Glanza , I first tried the ignition neg from the diagnostic port , but had no joy , so I then tapped into the 2 pin plug on the coil pack that is bolted on the bulkhead and works perfect , will look tomorrow and tell you the wire colour I tapped into  Toby 
  13. Shifter unit wanted

    I’ve got one at home Luke ,  message me