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  1. Mounts and hose sold . Just speedo converter left
  2. T-dog

    Speedo converter

    Hi mate , it screws on to the gearbox speedo drive and the other end onto the cable so go between on the gearbox side if that makes sense. Yeah I’m sure the c52 and c56 boxes are the same design I think . So would be fine , if intrested pm me . Thanks Toby
  3. Here for sale are the side engine mounts in Good condition the bushes were fitted less then 500 miles ago . £60 and £5 postage . Speedo converter , a must to convert from kph to mph makes life so much easier with speed cameras lol . £40 and £2 postage . Braided brand new hels fuel hoses bought from idworkz bolted it to my fuel rail then changed my mind on the fuel setup ( it’s goes from rail to filter ) . £25 posted . PayPal please and cover fees . Any questions please ask. Thanks Toby
  4. T-dog

    Anti lift kit help

    Yeah got the plates and bolts was purely just to make sure I had the bushes facing the right way to the outside of the car . Thanks
  5. T-dog

    Anti lift kit help

    Hi guys , is this anti lift kit fitted right/ bushes around the right way ? before I bolt it to the car . Thanks Toby
  6. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Starlet_1.3_1997/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/lowering-spring/?974820171&1&a92b8c3077a5880f9bb36885c97069208ff9788f&000559 Had these on my old starlet and loved them sat lovely and wasn’t to crashy
  7. And I would stick from a 5 to 7 “ rim width if you don’t want to do arch work etc
  8. 35 to 40 mm springs make a starlet / glanza sit lovely not to low just right , and a set of 15 or 14 4x100 et35 to et40 would be perfect with that combo
  9. T-dog

    D2 coilovers

    Sold . Please lock . Thanks
  10. T-dog

    D2 coilovers

    Here for sale are a set of D2 coilovers removed from my ep91 a few months ago , no leaks and didn’t have a problems when on the car . They could do with a clean and grease up . Few chips off the collars where people have adjusted them in past but not caused me any problems. I bought them off a friend who had already set the ride height so I just left them so have not tried to undo the collars etc as had no c spanner’s and was happy with how it sat on the car. Have made custom brake hoses brackets as they didn’t come with any . Any questions please ask . 200 Ono postage would be £15 with in the uk. Thanks Toby. Payment through PayPal and buyer covers fees.
  11. T-dog

    Needs help

    Yeah know what you mean but the easiest elimination to start with
  12. T-dog

    Clutches forsale

    Sold . Please lock
  13. T-dog

    Needs help

    Worth a look at basic stuff first like fuses and ground wires and then move onto checking looms and power on wires etc
  14. T-dog

    Needs help

    Have you checked all the fuses in the bottom dash panel just above your pedals ? As a lot of them do lights ?