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  2. Yup for GT (",) The avatar seems to look real deal f** um lolz.  
  3. Whatchout Chris bover ireland is back on scene and on FB toyota starlet performance parts Buy me-Sell me sharing Xx... woffle don`t get stung  (Blackpool - Middleton).       
  4. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    May be interested in 2 depending how the part molds are test fitted before production begins 
  5. Firstly what size wheels? 15s with 195 50 15 comfy ride with good set up, 16s then 17s turns to dukes of hazzard lolz. Av had tried various setups , hks and teins springs with kyb shock absorbers work good. At the moment running meister coilovers on both starbos higly recommended , soft setting works perfect for daily commuting thru local roads.
  6. Boost Controller - LD Performance

    If you could stretch your budget, would rather recommend (gfb g force) defo good value for money,even thou i still luv the blitz tsbc.
  7. Age of starlet owners

    I don't know where the time has gone! full of Boost! still feeling young
  8. What do you want from ukso

    Speak my mind
  9. Been there local to me. Living in a fantasy world, parts are well overpriced.
  11. Good news finally got my car bk in million bits but parts also missin, more updates to follow. Known as nastyrash 2003 on ukso.
  12. Speedvision ct9 reviews?

    Tried an tested couple of them from early batch and fell to bits,wer sum will praise them.
  13. Water blowing out of rad cap

  14. (Nearly 15yr Ownership of starbo). Unit6 NIGHTMARE project neglected by Chris Bover Ireland (sep 2014-Mar 2016). Starbos forged TD engine was striped dwn in sep-aug 2014 by unit6. Been made so many....... Promises by Chris again an again but nothing I was asked for part payments towards engine build, made 1st payment in Nov 2014 and Dec 2014 in cash. Even thou av never even had to pay in advance for previous projects at performance garages till job finished . Parts out of my car have gone missing from unit, he has even sold parts out of but I aint seen no money . I never agreed to chopping the main wiring loom in my car. Then again Chris asked for more funds towards it in March 2015 but still no PROGRESS (May 2016). Chris won't reply cause his got nothing better to say but excuses,(Robbed) More Details on FB with pics: