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  1. Bump  2 weeks tomorrow roll the deadline guys 
  2. Project Red Ranger

    Nice to see some piccies Joel. Great work as ever,         
  3. Best get a plot booked. 
  4. Best get your finger out then lol
  5. Sock's '2ZZ-GE Turbo' Glanza V

    Rumour has it was just a figment or people’s imagination. Lol
  6. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome to the club.    Jays garage out to be a mecca for starlet peeps. Lol
  7. New Member EP91

    Nice buy, welcome to the club.
  8. New member

    Make sure you get the correct tank for your pump holder or get a matching tank an pump holder as there are different shapes. 
  9. Not all the admins who deal with fb are on here all the time or read all the posts.  Rich if there’s still momentum in this let me know.
  10. Bump it up.  Given the backlash on this years ticketing costs and loss of Thursday anyone have any thoughts for this year? 
  11. A light keying with rough paper will help also a small drill bit through so they’re ar a few holes so some of the resin runs through can also help it grab. At that size I would have been tempted to mesh it to. Or just build a few layers of glass up. 
  12. Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Great build, keep up the work. 
  13. Speeding advice?

    Not random at all 2 x 28 days (4 weeks) legal month as calendar months have differing number of days.   lucky to get away so lightly. 
  14. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Looks tidy, welcome to the club.
  15. Some interesting ideas put forward. Glad to hear the food goes down well. We it was mainly all down to hou and matt this year I did very little, chasing my 2 little Ines takes up slot of my time. Going to try and change it up a bit next year. Maybe a curry night or something but we'll see how that pans out. We've tried to grow the stand year on year and I think we've done really well over the years. We're In a lot better position than a lot of other big clubs. We're on the limit of the van size we have now and that's the biggest outlay of the weekend. The van cost us about half of the total outlay of the stand so we're looking at alternative options to a van. But that will also restrict taking much more equipment.