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  1. Have the old girl a bath and a run out to a local meet last night pics to follow. 
  2. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    All the old threads back to the top. 
  3. Brake upgrade that will fit under 14 inch wheels

    I would have thought a Levin twin pot set up would? 
  4. It’s about time we had a get together. 
  5. Ep91 Fuel Tank

    I asked fairly recently by the time you have the tank and all the fittings it came to circa £500
  6. Great to see this back together rob, great work. 
  7. J.A.E 2018 31/8/18 - 2/9/18

    Yea like nick said only allowed limited numbers of set up passes but what’s the point in a set up day when you can’t use your own marquee without submitting risk assessments and RAMS so we’re forced in to hiring a marquee on the plus side that saves hiring a van lol 
  8. Japfest Silverstone 2018 Tickets Emailed

    Bump  2 weeks tomorrow roll the deadline guys 
  9. Project Red Ranger

    Nice to see some piccies Joel. Great work as ever,         
  10. Best get a plot booked. 
  11. Best get your finger out then lol
  12. Sock's '2ZZ-GE Turbo' Glanza V

    Rumour has it was just a figment or people’s imagination. Lol
  13. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome to the club.    Jays garage out to be a mecca for starlet peeps. Lol
  14. New Member EP91

    Nice buy, welcome to the club.