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  1. Bump tickets go on sale tomorrow. More info ASAP
  2. rob_bower

    Membership renewal

    Yours was reset in September and October, and I’ve just reissued it again.
  3. rob_bower

    Membership renewal

  4. rob_bower

    REVISED DIY brake upgrade

    That’s good To know as my set up is getting ready for some new discs.
  5. Just carbon look as is the centre console and door switches.
  6. rob_bower

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Team effort. Awesome news. Can’t wait till it’s back out gracing the coast road. Lol
  7. Looking forward to this ready for a catch uP, a year is to long.
  8. rob_bower

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    I was traveling a little.
  9. rob_bower

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Great work Phil. About time to.
  10. rob_bower

    £500 paid for remix bumper

  11. I was over that way a few weeks ago didn’t see any on my travels. didnt even see the usual gt at loggerheads.
  12. rob_bower

    £500 paid for remix bumper

    My old bumper standard bumper lengthened by 50mm in the middle.
  13. rob_bower

    3rd time lucky!?

  14. rob_bower

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    Looks stunning.
  15. Interested to see where this goes last belt colour.