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  1. Some interesting ideas put forward. Glad to hear the food goes down well. We it was mainly all down to hou and matt this year I did very little, chasing my 2 little Ines takes up slot of my time. Going to try and change it up a bit next year. Maybe a curry night or something but we'll see how that pans out. We've tried to grow the stand year on year and I think we've done really well over the years. We're In a lot better position than a lot of other big clubs. We're on the limit of the van size we have now and that's the biggest outlay of the weekend. The van cost us about half of the total outlay of the stand so we're looking at alternative options to a van. But that will also restrict taking much more equipment.
  2. N/A headlight covers

    Not many sets left nowadays. I've got one set left brand new in box (not for sale though) I did have 5 sets at one point.
  3. This is always an interesting thread to see what you guys think. We always try to look at what it financially and logistically possible. Lighting has already been Raised with the organisers as needing improvement over the whole site so it will be interesting to see what comes from that. Unlike recent jae's there is no grandfather rights so we might not get the same plot. If we wanted to have lighting on the stand we would need to look at an electrical hook up. The cheapest electrical hook up was £180 this would raise the stand passes by £5 per pass. Just to put in to perspective the club makes a loss on the jae stand every year. This year the stand cost in the region of £500 Given the £6 stand passes be recouped around £200 meaning jae cost the club around £300 so if your we're trying to re-coup all the costs stand passes would need to put stand pass prices up to something like £15 What's people thoughts on food? Do we scrap the idea and go back to doing your own food every night? Or do People value the food we put on? It's only a small token Looking forward to more thoughts from You guys.
  4. So this contraption is legal again. Proper update to follow as it's been far to long.
  5. Only 1 day left to get advanced tickets (£45) after that it's on the gate only (£60)
  6. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Just take all your pics landscape lol good work dude.
  7. Looking forward to this. although being the week after I move house I may be a little stressed. Lol
  8. Looking forward to it only show I'll have made again this year.
  9. Lots of clubs are in the same boat with show attendance this year seeing dwindling numbers esp at multiple day events.
  10. Boing going to order the trophies this week, we might get one each at this rate.
  11. help with renewing membership

    Give it a try should be working now.