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  1. Gainzy

    Toms 98 Glanza V

    20 mins from me I will keep an eye out for it..again
  2. Gainzy

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Possibly maybe I have an electrical fault somewhere needs sussed out few things I want changed in no rush to have it on the road I'm in the process of paying for a kitchen the price of two forged engine's haha I'm skinto for quite a while it's all bollocks but it will just have to wait like
  3. Gainzy

    Aftermarket radiator

    £20 man lol facebook warriors would want £120.
  4. Sunroof deflector is real cool, nice to see I really like this man!
  5. Gainzy

    Discord Chat

    Speaking of nail in the coffin I recently looked on the facebook for sale page's and wish I never bothered 11teen year olds with way over priced bullshit trying to rip people off. I wish the forum would pick up again...anyways rant over.
  6. Lush man! Nice work!
  7. Gainzy

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Yeah it's a zisco set up I prefer a bigger radiator. Bled the brake's last week First wash this year...
  8. Gainzy

    MY EP91.

    Nice man! You planning on running the zep ecu throughout? Keep at it!
  9. Gainzy

    The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    I'd go for the TD's TD04 hybrid all day long you will get your money's worth and you cpuld run it low boost or high the ct9 your just going to run it high I guarantee
  10. Gainzy

    The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    I have that blitz k1 turbo on mine it's not the power that seperate's it from the other ct9's it's the torque, it made the same torque ballpark figure as wepr's td04 hybrid on stock 4e and I reckon it's got more in it with some larger injectors slight more boost but for the same amount of money you can have the td04 set up which in the longer run is better especially if you plan on forged upgrade there is always going to be that bigger better option but the gearbox's become enemy's as you know haha I wish I had a nice little gt just to run 1 bar on a mine's ecu all who go big always come back! I don't understand the whole COP thing either it make's no difference to a dizzy
  11. Gainzy

    Any decent turbo kits for sale!!!!!

    One on ebay
  12. Gainzy

    club membership THANG!

    To make back all those membership charge's haha
  13. Gainzy

    The beginning

    Smart wheel that I like your style
  14. Gainzy

    Aftermarket radiator

    Still here