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  1. Ep91 glanza parts

    New intercooler on ebay
  2. Few 4efe bits

    Look for the bouncing boobies...he has a HKS Fcd in for sale section
  3. Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Bit of an a ebay bargain on a AEM wideband to finish off the gauge's. I'm working permenant nightshift so struggle for daylight most of the time. Inside needs a thorough clean down, cage painted gloss black and padded. Bits to fit   Wideband, clear cambelt cover, TD fuel rail, 430 injectors, Sard fpr, oil cooler, ABS delete, TRD LSD gearbox, custom door cards. Future plans are forged engine and hybrid TD04. This house renovation is killing my wallet big time but hey ho can't have everything at once. I quite fancy a GT as a daily though!    
  4. Spare bits

    It might still be here pal wait it out
  5. Spare bits

    It's a lush colour when the light hits it looks darker in the pic 
  6. Spare bits

    Fresh painted Cusco pearly blue lacquered cam cover. Come's with a fairly new PCV valve and new oem nuts and oil cap.   £70 signed delivered including fee's    
  7. That's where the hills come in haha
  8. Jake's 97 Glanza V

    No fuel pressure reg? Fire her up to 1 bar
  9. What's it Worth? Thread

    They go on ebay for like £1,500 though haha meh not worth selling
  10. What's it Worth? Thread

    What are glanza/gt gearbox's worth now? They used to go for very little but never see any for sale I have a spare that is supposely had a rebuild at some stage using gt and levin internals I bought it as a spare spare. I'm happy to keep it but money talks!

    I know they still sell them through Toyota you could ask them! You can tell the copies from a mile away, they are secretive cause they don't have a clue themselves
  12. Upgrading TD04l turbo - quick question

    Have you got a graph print out? see to me at 1.4bar you should be around the 270 280 mark I'd dig more research before changing the turbo if memory serves I have seen a graph before for a 290 on the td04l it's a really good turbo for an all rounder maybe look into another ecu or mapper..
  13. What's a trd arb worth?

    People swear by them but I just pollybushed my stock one they usually bring around £80 mark but the bushes are always well used at that
  14. Upgrading TD04l turbo - quick question

    What ecu are you running? I'd choose the tuning developments hybrid turbo over anything else on a forged set up external wastgate, stock cams..also if you search for sefton's build on here he has his parts spot on imo
  15. Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Primed cage just needs sanded down and painted. Got a few bits going to the powder coaters in the new year. Bought a RW developments catch can. Be all back together in no time, got loads of other bits stored away to fit just still not got the time with this house build. Anyways have a good Christmas everyone all the bests.