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  1. genuine Toyota ep82 mid spoiler

    Try 5E colin with this..he complains of not having one! 
  2. Is there a battery out there that sits in stock position, same terminals just featherlight weight? 
  3. New jperformance mag

    Forged TD04L @1bar 220hp??
  4. New jperformance mag

    Anyone seen the track glanza in Japperformance mag?     
  5. Trd mounts

    Still them on ebay looks just the engine mounts though
  6. 4EFTE MT gearbox

    £300 next day delivery via pallet anywhere in the UK including paypal fee's.
  7. 4EFTE MT gearbox

    I have a nice freebie to give away if collected. Inbox me if any interest. Had hardly no interest.
  8. Short route intercooler pipe

    Couple on egay
  9. 4EFTE MT gearbox

    Change my mind soon lol
  10. Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

    Smart build this mate I like it
  11. Trd mounts

    Was some on ebay they go for silly price's
  12. Nice to hear from an old have gone :(
  13. The beginning

    Very good score
  14. Toms 98 Glanza V

    I would upgrade your 0.9 bar rad cap next with you running a bar keep it up haha