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  1. Most gearbox's these days have most likely had triple the power put through them it's all wear n tear down the line
  2. Gainzy

    Jam manifold

    Should just give it to me for Christmas...yeah cheap mortgage means more holidays most new build price's want your blood I wasn't prepared to go down that road life's just too unpredictable I'm hoping to retire early to finish the glanza hahaha
  3. Gainzy

    Jam manifold

    I wouldn't pay £250 like it's more than my mortgage payment infact it's a mortgage payment and a full tank of 99ron lol I'd pay it for a new one in the box though
  4. Gainzy

    Jam manifold

    Just send it to me haha
  5. Gainzy

    Jam manifold

    My buddy made more power with a JAM manifold than he did with a ramhorn, people used to port the stock mani and run higher boost but that just cracks them quicker. The thicker tubing on the JAM manifold aid flow much better.
  6. Gainzy

    Trevstar's SR

    Update needed!
  7. Gainzy

    Aftermarket radiator

    Can't give it away haha al end up leaving it hanging on an SOS box on the A1
  8. Gainzy

    Aftermarket radiator

    Must be full marra
  9. Gainzy

    Lights issue

    It was the bastard bulbs lol I tell what I have done...the boot light bulb was out for a while then a brake light went out I have taken the boot light to get new bulbs and that is a single pin, the two rear light bulbs are twin pin what a douche bag hahaha
  10. Gainzy

    Lights issue

    Could that really upset the circut I did try a different brake bulb..
  11. Gainzy

    Lights issue

    When I switch my side lights on it also puts my brake lights on...constant anyone else had this issue? It started out as a bulb out... also when I brake with no lights on it dims the clock and puts my side lights on.
  12. Gainzy

    Aftermarket radiator

    £20 collected
  13. Gainzy

    Toms 98 Glanza V

    Good choice!