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  1. Catback recommendations?

    You can get sard racing sports cat but they will be pricey from Japan, a HKS system would be a good choice aswell
  2. Brake upgrade that will fit under 14 inch wheels

    Or try mk6 celica 1.8 na version 93 to 98 year you can combine them with discs off an Astra
  3. Please close

    Av got them somewhere with the bolts al try dig them oot :)
  4. Looking to buy a starlet glanza

    If you get the full spec and alot of pics to post them all on here we could all see and have a better idea of what your paying for..? How much is it in total? To be honest it's a pefect number for a reliable forged starlet..creeping up to the 300's seems to be where the gearbox's don't agree from what I've read in the past..anything over 220 you want that LSD! Mind you you wouldn't go wrong with a Honda I've been looking myself for a daily but the price's are could probably buy a starlet and have it forged and take your family on holiday and have spare money than own a decent Honda with 120,00000000 mile on the clock lol it depends what your using it for can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be as above it's great for tax, insurance fun little car :)
  5. Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Gave away my c pillar brace. Just recently foam wrapped the A and B piller, door bars. I'm awaiting some track door cards to be finished off. It's been getting some pulsar attention lately aswell. I've also been thinking of sending it to the paintshop to have inside all painted I'm in no rush at the minute all work no play :( 
  6. Gainzy

    Thanks buddy :)
  7. Thanks For fast delivery and great communication.

  8. EP82 Street/Race Japan

    I'm glad the pics are back!
  9. Gave away my c pillar brace to a good home :) BRR
  10. Toms 98 Glanza V

    Double check the rad cap size's for the civic rad as they differ and may not fit :)
  11. No need

    Plastic don't rust
  12. No need

  13. Hello Gainzy

    Has your td04 decat pipe got five holes turbo end and thre exhaust end.

    Thanks Dukecat


  14. Glanza Adjustable Panhard Rod

    One on ebay bids
  15. Sold

    Weekend bump £60