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  1. Trevstar

    Cheers mate! 
  2. Paseo dials finally sold - Boot tray left to be sold!
  3. Trevstar's SR

    @maddox710 Thanks mate, appreciate it, look forward to getting back on with things at the pace I was going at before, hopefully just after christmas
  4. Plastic Boot Tray EP91 £70!!

    Its okay bro, I know what you mean about no one being interested, mine was an impulse buy too, then I bought a rubber one a few days later because I thought it would fit better with the spare alloy in the boot
  5. Plastic Boot Tray EP91 £70!!

    Better drop the price on mine then  good luck with yours
  6. Yellow starlet time to start the work

    Breakers yard is your best bet
  7. Yellow starlet time to start the work

    Get pics up ASAP!! 
  8. Trevstar's SR

    29/11/17 Again not much has been going on lately, just slowly making progress, but should pick up again after Christmas. However I have bought myself a TRD fuel cap  And a few weeks ago I was thinking about my gearbox, if I didn't happen to reach my target bhp then I can imagine an N/A with a turbo gearbox would be a bit sluggish and lose acceleration, but you'd get more speed, what to do? Answer, increase the final drive gear ratio I checked the final drive of the glanza gearbox (which is 3.722), and a TRD final drive was out the question because it was too expensive and too high final drive, so started checking gearboxes with interchangeable parts, and as some of you already know, the Toyota Levin shares a number of things, and the gearbox internals is one of them The later AE111 Levins use a C56 gearbox with a final drive ratio of 4.312 which should bump up the acceleration nicely even for a turbo'd starlet So £200 odd later: A lot has been spent in this gearbox now, so much so I probably can't really justify to the Mrs but I want it to last, and while it's apart I want to get it right, because I don't want to have to take it out again once it's finally in Next thing I've been up too was preparing something that will be required in future, a good old Greddy Emanage Ultimate I have actually spent a lot of time on this figuring out where what wires go where so thought I'd finally give it a try (also had to buy myself a laptop with Windows XP on it to use the software), test fitted it and the car started up, revs, ignition cut works for the launch control and everything appears to be registering and working! Only thing I have noticed is that the car idles higher than usual when the Emanage is wired in and I'm not sure why, but I'm going to leave this for tuning developments. For the turbo models you can get a plug and play field harness, but not for the N/A's. I considered permanently soldering everything in place, but I was thinking what if I needed to remove the Emanage from the equation and just run the oem ecu for whatever reason like the Emanage failed while I was out and about for example. So instead I adapted the wiring harness for the Emanage and the original ECU so it could be removed   Next thing I did might be a bit marmite for some people but I'm actually really chuffed about it, a shift indicator! I figured as the Emanage has an auxiliary output that you can activate at certain RPM I thought this would be perfect to use to activate the light, and was inspired by how the subaru's have a little LED in the rev counter to indicate gear change So I bought a little LED, filed it flat with the holder and drilled a hole for it and this is what I ended up with Just subtle enough to pass as oem to the unknowing, sorted out the wiring, nice and tidy and this is the end result It's not so in your face but is bright enough to grab your attention Next thing I need to do is modify the Emanage so that I can make it work with my little mode switch I want to install that I bought a while ago, instead of using the dip switch on the front panel of the Emanage, and strip the Levin box, steal the output shaft, and put my box back together
  9. Trevstar

    Thanks mate! Was nice chatting with you too, hope to meet up at some stage in the future 
  10. Sold

    Totally worth it, these should sell easy!
  11. Just the optional boot tray and the Paseo dials left to go!
  12. Lol can't believe it's taken this Long to sell these bits  Paseo dials, boot tray and '98 spec rear lights still available!
  13. Trevstar

    No problem mate! Cheers 
  14. Levin 5 speed gearbox or parts

    Hellooooo! Does anyone happen to have a Levin 5 speed gearbox laying around? Or better yet output shaft and ring gear? C52 C56 AE101 AE111  Please let me know 
  15. Speedo converter now sold