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  1. Clear out

    Lol can't believe it's taken this Long to sell these bits  Paseo dials, boot tray and '98 spec rear lights still available!
  2. Trevstar

    No problem mate! Cheers 
  3. Levin 5 speed gearbox or parts

    Hellooooo! Does anyone happen to have a Levin 5 speed gearbox laying around? Or better yet output shaft and ring gear? C52 C56 AE101 AE111  Please let me know 
  4. Clear out

    Speedo converter now sold
  5. Trevstar's SR

    Haha oooooohh yes! The Quaife with bearings was about £800 from Tuning developments and about £500 for the rest of the gearbox parts, but I had to buy these direct from Japan and United Emirates otherwise toyota over here wanted to charge me £1,666! (and that was with 10% discount..)   I am actually quite surprised though, the gearbox was actually relatively simple considering I have only taken a old Ford fiesta gearbox apart at college once and that was a few years ago now, it looks more intimidating than it is
  6. Emanage blue with turbo 4efe...?

    Loool I have spent literally all day reading through manuals and on the internet looking into how to wire this up, but I think i have come to the conclusion that maybe I should leave this to TD  Think I am abit out my league on this one haha
  7. Emanage blue with turbo 4efe...?

    Don't think so unfortunately because I'm staying N/A and doing a high compression build with 5EFHE cams and all the supporting mods so need to be able to adjust fuel and ignition to get the most out of it, and tuning developments said that wiring can be very finicky with the 4EFE ecu (which is probably why Harry is having issues) and would take a lot of effort to troubleshoot over the phone    I am sure someone has successfully done this in the past, and hope maybe I can get it running prior to taking a trip all the way up there to get it mapped correctly
  8. Emanage blue with turbo 4efe...?

    I too would like to know if anyone has any experience wiring an Emanage to 4EFE 
  9. Clear out

    Almost a month and only 2 items sold!
  10. 5efhe tuninig

    Not to mention the sound of the overrun 
  11. F@cking pistake !!!

    There's a rebuilt one going on one of the Facebook groups for about £450 and people think that's a joke lool 
  12. 5efhe tuninig

    Think you killed it 
  13. Clear out

    Another bumpp
  14. Trevstar's SR

    @patman Thanks man, yeah sure your more than welcome too! I'll drop you a PM 
  15. Trevstar's SR

    30/10/17 Finally got the final pieces to the puzzle that is the gearbox   Then I can get on and Shim the diff   Bought all the synchromesh gears, needle bearings (already have all the other bearings), a seal kit with all the gasket, seals and plug washers, new 2nd gear (because the synchronisation teeth that the synchromesh mates with were fairly worn down), a new reverse gear hub (because this has the synchronisation teeth for 3rd gear which were also fairly worn, this will prevent any 2nd or 3rd gear crunch), a UK spec speedo gear and speedo drive (so I won't need a kph to Mph converter)   All these parts came direct from United Arab Emirates and Japan, and also got stung by fucking customs with both packages hence why it took so long!   All the synchros and some of the gears have been revised and replaced the old part numbers and I see why. Toyota have changed the design of the synchronisation teeth to hopefully provide better engagement and longer life     The only other thing I have done lately is rebuilt my 7/8 Levin master cylinder I bought to give better braking      Not much has happened during this time as I have been trying to make a model replica of my friends car that sadly passed away     Not sure what's actually happened to my gearbox rebuild thread, but admins are aware and will try to sort out this issue as soon as possible   Here you can see the difference between the synchronisation teeth, top one is the revised design