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  1. Ah Ok, considering my Glanza is black, I think i'll leave it BUT thanks for taking the time to settle my mind on what the hell they were and where they went. (Mine has never had any on so didn't realise they had them there from factory.) I get how the bolt caps are important though and make a decent difference. My toyota can still get them in, checked this morning. but like I said 5.16 each.
  2. Thank you very much for that image of them, really appreciate it. Do they just clip over the vertical parts in the bumper that I've outlined on the attached image then? If so then I really don't see the point of them and don't get what they're for? I was going to buy them but at £5.16 each unless they serve a purpose I think not, especially when the bumper is colour coded anyway..
  3. Can anyone share a real picture of one of these, I have no idea what the part looks like or where it actually fits but it is meant to be some sort of garnish / cover for the front bumper grill and there are supposedly 4 of them. The description on the image attached is 53141C (full part number 52127-10030-C0)  when you search google for the image it doesn't show a real pic of one.  On toyodiy it is: 53141C GARNISH, RADIATOR GRILLE 52127-10030-C0 BLACK, 040 , 1A0 4 $4.86 Much appreciated.
  4. Doesn't matter now. Managed to get it pristine clean inside the reservoir.
  5. Best magnetic sump that is not alloy?

    Just went through this myself as my aluminium one stripped off recently. I went for the gold plug from opie oils. Part number is AP-03. (Glanza)
  6. How can it be done? (Glanza V) Thanks
  7. Rear caliper rebuild.

    Fronts in particular were more troublesome for me. The clip just wouldn't fall in place properly without one side pinging back out. Was almost like the clip was too big for the recess (but it obviously wasn't) Got to the point where i thought it might damage the seals so greased them and it was like magic. Haha
  8. Rear caliper rebuild.

    I had the same trouble recently and couldn't do it for many attempts. Then I mastered it. The absolute key to doing it is using grease. Put the black seal in first. Then grease the metal clip and seal with red rubber grease and it goes in unbelievably well. Spent about 1hr without the grease. Still not able to do it. With the grease i did all 4 callipers in less than 15min.
  9. Standard Caliper Slides (front brakes)

    ICP and toyota sell them still.
  10. Wanted. RSR panhard rod and OEM rear strut brace

    Where can you buy the rsr new?
  11. Glanza braided brake lines - NEW

    I just bought a set of wezmoto braided lines off ebay for 79.95 and fitted them last week. Everything is quality on them. Was going to buy HEL but for over 30 more for same set i didn't see the point.
  12. Can anyone sort me out with any stock glanza alloy wheel centre caps? Doesn't matter about paint condition as they will be resprayed to match my newly powdercoated stock wheels. Although they must have at least one pair of opposing clips in good shape on the back so that they can be clipped in. Thank you in advance, would be really grateful for anyone coming back to me. Farley.
  13. Wanted. RSR panhard rod and OEM rear strut brace

    Had a look on RHD. Why such the difference in price between https://www.rhdjapan.com/cusco-adjustable-lateral-rod-ep82-ep91-ep71.html and https://www.rhdjapan.com/cusco-adjustable-lateral-rod-ep82-ep91-exz10.html Aren't they pretty much the same?
  14. Rear Brake Pads

    Same kit i bought. Did me the job with ease so i can recommend too :)