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  1. All sorted got them out easy with mole grips and cleaned them all up. Smooth as silk now! :)
  2. EP91 front brake caliper bolts

    Toyota have all the bolts. Approx £3 each I just bought some, rounded one off was lucky to get it out with a smaller socket.
  3. Hi. I'm installing new brakes around the car and I've taken the calipers etc completely off to clean them up etc. My question is do the cylinder sliders that fit into the caliper with the rubber boots over them - should they move freely IN the caliper housing? OR are they basically fixed' into the caliper housing and they simply slide OVER the caliper bolts when the caliper moves in and out? Mine seem pretty fixed in tight into the caliper housing and i'm worrying that they are meant to move about BUT on the other hand i'm thinking that they are only meant to slide freely over the bolts that go through them allowing the whole caliper to move around. Perhaps someone can put my mind to rest if I've explained it easily enough. Thank you.
  4. £5500 1998 White Glanza V Forged 280.7 bhp

  5. fiiting glow barrel and footwell lights

    Can someone help me out with this going by the explanations above I cannot see where the 4 pin plug on the barrel light is meant to go?!
  6. EP 71 GT turbo, bargain

    Both doors have rust on the bottom too...
  7. My brother went to see this in person years back when it was up for sale, saw the same ad online, it was not as tidy as the pictures suggested and he came back disappointed....
  8. Sorted I know who.
  9. Ro55ifumi's Forged Glanza,

    From incredibly mint to shit in no time, some people don't deserve these rare cars, twat of a new owner for ya. What a bloody waste of all that time and effort, feel gutted myself, bet you're heartbroken about that one John...
  10. Saw this tonight parked up on pavement. Lights on with someone inside. Nice surprise to see. I was in my black glanza.
  11. Glanza V TD04 228.4 BHP

  12. Toyota starlet glanza v 96

    It's a cat d?!?
  13. Glanza V - Fresh Rebuild

    x2 can't see a sale if it isn't MOT and proven functional.
  14. optional extra on ebay

    The was one on ebay two weeks ago. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Starlet-Glanza-V-footwell-Storage-box-Very-Rare-Hens-have-more-teeth-/121804134385?hash=item1c5c1797f1%3Ag%3Aq6cAAOSwo6lWNoo6&nma=true&si=YwPTHdoxld7T69MBqNxMcxGtxWM%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I was going to bid on it, sold for £56 + £13 post in the end. I'd say that was a fair price (not the one at £130) but it's only a bin. They cost the equivalent of £50 in today's money when they were new back in the day from Toyota on the optional extra list.
  15. Wanted Glanza Bonnet Vent BRACKET

    As above, i'm after the metal bracket which holds the vent cover onto the bonnet vent. Anyone has one, let me know thanks