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    Volvo HGV mechanic by Trade.
    engineering, engine building. I built my first engine a rover 3.5 V8 at the age of 14!! which I still have now in my 1965 2a land rover.

    Around six years ago I was running a BLITZ K24 kit on my SR conversion @ 1.6 bar low and 1.8 high boost on a standard 4E-FTE but after 3 bottom end rebuilds that was the end of the turbo days for my SR (had no funds for forged bits!) But I still have the car!


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  1. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    New! CT9 external waste gate adapter

    Hi mate, yes I could no problem.
  2. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    New! CT9 external waste gate adapter

    Just done this for a member on here, a CT9 external waste gate adapter. I can make just about anything fit anything as long I have some measurements or drawing to work to. Pricing is per individual item/ job for things like this.
  3. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    My post on TGTT from 2011 http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/robs-tutorial-on-how-to-change-clean-pollen-filter.85009/#post-969878
  4. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    Some of my previous work.

    Yes thats fine mate just let me know when you’re ready
  5. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    Some of my previous work.

    Hi mate, yes I can tig weld and I could do that for you.
  6. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    Some of my previous work.

    Here’s some of the jobs I have done some Starlet related and others not, some cosmetic others functional most of the photos can be seen on my Facebook page, I do have a website too but that doesn’t get updated as much. https://www.facebook.com/rchengineering/ My catch tank for the turbo SR. Same agin strut brace for my SR! This is a edge protector I made for my garmin vivoactive it works really well but I’d already broken the screen before I made it. This is a gear knob I made for Matt of the forum, I made it shaped to his fingers too! This is a cigar stand I made for someone on Facebook. This is a TPS conversation I did for a Peugeot 205 race car. They needed a proper mount and drive as the drive it came with was only plastic and was flexing, the new mount also made it so the TPS could be adjusted for mapping. This is a Land Rover Discovery active stability valve block I refaced and tapped to take hydroulic pipe fitting instead of the silly push fit ones. Land Rover P38 Range Rover air bag pedistal candle stands, these were for me too!
  7. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    2x Inlet Valves

    I have a few kicking about mate cover post and ya can have em
  8. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    That’s not something I can really do as they would need heat treatment for hardening after or they would wear out in no time plus there is other options out there that work too, I could grind existing shims but the same again there’s already a good selection out there so it would hardly be worth it tbh.
  9. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    Cheers Phil I’m sure the will be some interesting stuff to come
  10. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    Cheers Rob!
  11. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    I can definitely have a look at it for you Charlotte and I can see what I can do!
  12. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    Cheers Nick I hope so
  13. Rob H@RCH Engineering


    Hi everyone, Many of you already know me as RobH, I have been a member of UKSO for a few years now, but for those who don’t, I thought I’d start by introducing myself. I have been in the Starlet scene for around 16 years when I bought my Starlet. I am a mechanic by trade, and with life-long experience, beginning to learn the trade at only 3 years of age. Many of the custom parts on my Starlet I designed and made myself. I wanted something different, that you couldn’t just pick up off the shelf. So, over the years spent modifying my car, I have invested in machines to produce bespoke parts. I’ve attended many car shows over the 16 years that I’ve had my Starlet and after having lots of interest in my work, in 2017 I set up RCH Engineering. The machines I have are: Milling machine Metal lathe Wood lathe Ultrasonic cleaner So, if you need any bespoke items making out of metal or wood, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you. It doesn’t just have to be car related either, I can also create items for your home. Best wishes, Rob
  14. Rob H@RCH Engineering

    TrisK's TOMS MK1 GT - Complete Tear Down in Progress

    Now U just need to get your ass to JAE! the harnees bar supports do look well if I do say so myself
  15. Is there a list of who’s going Nick?