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  1. H_D

    Starter motor not clearing flywheel

    I use the same clutch on my ep91. No issues at all i doubt very much the flywheel is going to warp on these clutches
  2. H_D

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    Best way to keep your rear calipers in good working order, dont use the handbrake for prolonged periods of time especially during freezing tempretures When you park up keep the handbrake down and leave the car in gear.
  3. H_D

    MY EP91.

    I got rid of the zep ecu ages ago. Engine will be ran in with the stock ecu on td04 hybrid before i get a standalone. Not chasing silly power anymore. Drivability and a wide powerband is the aim
  4. H_D

    Definitely not a new member...

    Welcome back. Starlet addiction is a real illness
  5. H_D

    MY EP91.

    Been off the road for 2 years now. She is almost ready.
  6. Can anyone tell me if i aligned the distributor markings correctly on the picture below? (4EFTE)
  7. H_D

    Jam manifold

    Only JAM did the cast iron manifold and Blitz did a cast iron downpipe
  8. H_D

    Ct9b - price drop

    Sold. Pls lock
  9. H_D

    Ct9b - price drop

    Need gone. Make me an offer
  10. H_D

    4efte sump and oil pickup

    Sorted. Pls lock
  11. H_D

    4efte sump and oil pickup

    As above pls pm me
  12. H_D

    4efte Tom's ecu

    Toms didnt make an ecu for the EP91. It was only available for the ep82. Same with the mines ecu
  13. H_D

    Glanza radiator

    Bump - need a stock glanza rad asap