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  1. Looks real good buddy. Keep us updated on how the new turbo setup works.
  2. H_D

    Blow by?

    Oil out the breather = failed piston rings or ringlands
  3. H_D

    A/C removal belt length ep91

    Just ask any motorfactor for a non a/c starlet belt. I got mines from parkers
  4. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

  5. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    Not good mate. Time it properly with a gun.
  6. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    Possibly timing is out
  7. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    if they had to use sealer to get it on then its perished or the wrong size and will leak oil, get it replaced remove the excess sealer for the sake of £3.
  8. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    that seal is not correct, it should be a black 'O' ring, Toyota sell them for abt £3. its a weird size so you wont find them in a regular set of 'O' rings - part number is 90099-14088, I see you have lots of sealant around the area where the dizzy goes in, remove the rocker cover and get rid of all of that sealant before re-installing
  9. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    check the distributor and timing, also change the fuel filter if it hasn't been done in a while
  10. H_D

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    The car will start and run without a knock sensor but the EML will come on (code 52 iirc) i would look at the ignition and fuel related components such as spark plugs, ignition leads distributor, also make sure the car is getting enough fuel a clogged up or old fuel filter can also cause starting issues, test the fuel pump and finally check the timing.
  11. Wow never seen this happen before. Possibly caused by an over tightened belt or the pulley may have been dropped or not removed/installed correctly causing the structure to weaken. Always use pulley pullers to remove or install the main crank pulley and the belt should only be tightened enough so it only twists when approx 10kg of force is applied. Seen so many people remove crank pulleys with a pry bar and install them with a hammer and socket
  12. H_D

    Ewg question

    Thanks. I have blanking plugs with my ewg
  13. H_D

    Ewg question

    Has anyone connected the water lines on their tial 38mm ewg or do you just blank them off?
  14. does anyone know what fittings I need to run braided oil and water lines for my td04, I have a company local to me that have quoted approx £50-60 for the set + fittings. I also need to know the lengths of each pipe. thanks
  15. H_D

    LSD recommendations

    Quaife is a good shout