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  1. Came across this site the other day for part numbers and diagrams. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/starlet-38375/ep91-55393/ep91-agmqy-913495
  2. Main dealers will have it
  3. Is it on the passenger side?
  4. Nice one pal. Wasnt sure if it was in the fuse box or under the dash like the gt
  5. Where is the relay for the fuel pump located? Thanks in advance
  6. Looking good on track. You need to update us on the V.
  7. Not sure if they are interchangeable. Might be worth going for a 6 speed box of your aim is to reduce fuel consumption on the highway
  8. 5th gear is long enough for 150+ mph lol
  9. Everything now points at the fpr. Guessing the diaphragm is stuck and not opening properly on boost. However the connections in the pump were not 100% secure so i replaced them. Didn't get a chance to take it for a proper test drive last night but went into boost for a abt 2 seconds and afr went to 12. And its also idling a bit richer too
  10. Getting 13.55v at the fuel pump when the car is on idle
  11. What should the voltage be?
  12. Brand new wideband fitted and tested, going to check the fuel pump tonight. Dont think its the relay as i can hear the pump whining, also no stored codes when i did diagnostics
  13. I have also checked the injectors and loom with a multimeter and no irregularities found there either
  14. Running td04, stock ecu and 6psi boost. Afr gauge is reading between 13-14 on boost with wide open throttle so i switched it off immediately. The AFR readings are fine on startup, idle and when off boost. In terms of the fueling setup the follwong has been done.... walbro pump fitted about 7 years ago, recently had the injectors rebuilt and tested, new genuine fuel filter, stock FPR. I have checked the map sensor and getting a solid 5V all new vacuum lines on it too. Also replaced the vacuum line for the FPR. Spark plugs also indicate its running lean Any suggestions???
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