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  1. H_D

    MY EP91.

    Not fired it up yet but got everything put back together. To do list.... Remove old fuel and replace. Good wash, clean and detail. Fit battery. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. Few pics of how she looks atm.
  2. check the bulbs aint bridging, regarding the fuel smell check for leaks
  3. H_D

    Converting too manual so need the following

    I have a flywheel and brand new clutch plate bolts
  4. H_D


    looks like a cusco brace, cheap as chips on RHD japan if it is
  5. I also used midland turbo for a rebuild and wastegate penny removal. So far so good
  6. H_D

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    looking good, iirc TOMS did an air intake feed for this kind of setup
  7. H_D

    Running in fresh engine

    Im running my forged engine in at 7psi on millers for 1000miles oil changes every 250 miles. 1st oil change at 50 miles
  8. H_D

    Fusion motorsport - anyone used them?

    Probably worth checking out who your mate used to get his mapped
  9. H_D

    Fusion motorsport - anyone used them?

    This exactly why i always tell people to use an ecu that your tuner recommends or has experience with.
  10. H_D


    Received my bits as expected. Top lad. Thank you
  11. H_D

    Rear Caliper differences? Ep82 vs 91 abs?

    No difference on the calipers at all. I have rebuilt many
  12. H_D

    MY EP91.

    fingers crossed
  13. H_D

    MY EP91.

    thank you
  14. H_D

    MY EP91.

    Small update got my oil and water lines back i got these made locally for £70. Freshly rebuilt turbo (rebuilt by Midland turbo) Twin core full size zep racing rad from rhdjapan. The car is 95% complete hopefully it fires up this saturday for the first time in almost 30 months.
  15. H_D

    Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    Did you use the whole 2L of PAS fluid?