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  1. BMX-RIG

    Black SR

    Awesome , is it back on silver speedlines then?
  2. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Anyone with an uk spec car will know all about these. Not sure why the jdm spec stuff never got them? Wings next in for paint. I would do it all at once but with the available space and time frames its just not possible. Drivers wing had some poor repairs previously to be rectified. Wings ready for primer. Into the oven. Etch Primer. 2k primed, ready to be rubbed out. Was then rubbed out and painted... Back out the oven, polished and ready to fit back up. Had new arch liners and all new clips. Surprisingly managed to buy all new clips off ebay for under £10. Did and oil change while the bumper was off as it was convenient. Also re-blacked the lower front panel. i dont get too involved with cleaning in the areas where you cant see as allot of it is waxoyl which i would rather leave on. However i did feel the need to spruce up the relocation kit. All back together... Show on the sunday. Local country fair which has a large turnout. Again, tagging on with an Ford RS group lol. Wheels were next. If you look closely in some photos, the fronts always looked a dingey washed out white. Not sure whether it was brake dust over the years or the top coat paint had faded or taken abuse from heat cycles. Also the V in EVO was non existent. Back on the trusty speedlines it was off to another local show. Later that evening. Week later the wheels wereback from their refurb. New stickers sorted out. Otherwise they might pass as a rota wheel. Didnt enjoy putting the stickers on however. Speedlines off, Regas on.. Car was prepared for simply Jap at Beaulieu. Went with a couple of evos and a Glanza. Very wet day, altho hats off to those who still made the effort as there was still a fair few cars. However most of the day was spent in the museum staying dry.
  3. Item: TMD Cast CT9 Decat This decat is braced and cast and is pritty much exactly the same as the Blitz items. Condition: Brand New Price: £125 or £140ish posted depending on location. Pictures: Collection available from Milton Keynes or Kimbolton.
  4. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Thanks By allot of the paperwork included with the car i get the impression it was optioned up to the hill. Suprisingly there is actually abit of wear on the brake pedal cover lol
  5. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Well spotted, luckily they came with the car! Makes a change to included to footrest too. Think the Japanese person that owned it before me was big on his TRD parts.
  6. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Continuing on for the last post, ill keep this one short and sweet until later. Tidied up the feet on the recaro rails. Small lack of photos but im sure youll get the general idea. It was only really the foot photographed that needed doing as the others have caps. Few photos after cleaning before a show at the cotswold wildlife park in oxford. Typically a Ford show, but due to my connections within a group within the rsoc I managed to sort out our own Jap stand Next up, Japfest 2! Next up, filling some blanks... Coin holder Some more later on.
  7. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Cheers dude, comments like this make me glad ive stuck with it. I have a late spec bumper for my Reflet sat upstairs at work and have always thought about getting a splitter for it and changing over. But maybe ill stay put
  8. BMX-RIG

    Membership renewal

    Sorted! Thank you!
  9. BMX-RIG

    Membership renewal

    Tried renewing my membership to post in the for sale section but it says i can only purchase one of this product and the invoice for renwal has expired. I messaged a few admins with no response.
  10. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    1st of June i think for 2019. I like the way you can be parked right next to the track so you can always see whats going on.
  11. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Week after returning home it was time for JDM Combe. UKSO do not attend castle combe anymore since japfest 1 is now held at silverstone, so i attended it with a smaller Starlet club. It was my first time a Castle Combe since having the glanza and it was a very enjoyable day! A good variety of cars and some friendly people.
  12. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Isle of Wight 2018 Awesome trip down, rained a little on the way down but other than that it was mostly dry. Enjoy the photos On the boat. various scenic ones 2017 vs 2018 Car was in need of a good clean afterwards lol.
  13. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Japfest 2018 Convoyed in with 5 other starlets. A few on the way there, Didnt get any before photos, but i changed the white clips that hold the indicators in as mine had some tabs missing and were not holding them tight enough. I then had a planned trip to the Isle of Wight. Its a yearly thing now and always an enjoyable trip. The car gets a good clean before.
  14. BMX-RIG

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    Think this needs to see some events next year...