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  1. BMX-RIG

    Pas electric window not working

    Got a passenger window motor/regulator here, if your interested just drop me a pm
  2. BMX-RIG

    Japfest 2018 Milton Keynes Convoy

    This was last year lol, 2 of which have been sold on so dwindling numbers
  3. BMX-RIG


    Speak to RRR engineering, they are the uk distributors of ecu master.
  4. BMX-RIG

    Brand New TMD Cast & Braced CT9 Decat

    Bump, last chance to get possibly the last new one around.
  5. BMX-RIG

    Building the Dream

    Interesting stuff going on
  6. BMX-RIG

    Few parts needed

    Can get some photos for you and further details, pm me your number so i can send some over
  7. BMX-RIG

    Few parts needed

    Got a front bumper here
  8. BMX-RIG


    As far as im aware they are the same
  9. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza.

    Thanks mate! As far as im aware its just a ‘98 thing, but the car came with it which was a bonus lol. However i have wondered whether there is a crossover point on ‘97 models as there are some aspects of the car that hint ‘98 spec like the bent indicator stalks but with the fog light still as a switch.
  10. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza.

    Picked up some 98 spec clocks. Colours work allot better with the car ect and they generally look much better than 96 spec ones. Bad photo but you get the idea Off to dean at RW for a new exhaust, just wasnt sold on the kakimoto and with the 4 point lower brace it made sense to get something made to suit the car. Nothing too loud with some jap styling. My winter work/ plans were then complete! The regas went back on and it had a good clean up ready for some use! And that brings it up to now! Looking forward to getting out and about in it again, i hope you have enjoyed this update.
  11. Someone point me in the direction of someone who can make one for me.
  12. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza.

    Funnily enough their the cheapest on ebay, not genuine by all means, but very cheap and easily replaced. If they turn up ruckled up get in contact with them, they were very helpful and sorted me a good set out next day. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161286499110
  13. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza.

    Replacement stickers arrived in much better quality. Great to get the car clean again having been so dusty! Back outside.
  14. BMX-RIG

    Tyler's Red Glanza.

    Thanks Timmah Allot of polishing later and the doors fitted back on. side skirts and end caps painted. The black line had been lost previously by someone in japan so I returned the end caps to factory look. The sticker i bought arrived in an unusable condition so i had to arrange another set to be sent out. You just couldnt apply them correctly and it wasnt worth even trying. Side skirts back on, glass in, rear bumper on, speedlines on temporary till after its new exhaust.