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I got one too, I tend to get alot of random onesoff jimlols lol

I've generally been trying to be quite sensible with snaps I send to everyone on my list!

This will probably go out the window eventually and be a bad day for everyone

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Sooo many videos lol :D 6 of them sooo much base looked awesome where ever you were :)


Turns out I sent them to myself to...couldn't really hear anything in them it turns out then! We were in Newcastle seeing Paul van Dyke and a few other big DJs / producers :)

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princesscum bit of entertainment for you guys and curious girls haha ;-)

If we are doing these now,

Add sedgyfergo lads. Girls add away if you like tits and ass and videos of a blondie naked in the showers..

Edit.. that princesscum doll has the strangest nipples.

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