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  1. Recaro interior

    William tuite, he's from ireland. Think he makes them up in batches so might be a bit of lead time.  Pretty sure he made the ones connor (ep performance) was selling a while back
  2. Could you just add payment options, paypal, bank transfer etc.  Cheers
  3. Tapatalk

    I found it stopped working after the update to the forum software recently
  4. Recaro interior

    Yup not cheap, seen the full set of fronts, rears and doorcards up for £750-800 but not sure if they sold for that.  Personally though i would reccommend getting some low rails as the oem seating position in starlets sucks. A guy on FB sells them new for £200 a pair delivered and they drop them about 2" which is much better. 
  5. I'm back (crazy_eyes)

    Damn! That sucks, did you get any reimbursement? Either way, welcome back.
  6. Centre bore size ?

    Wheels are 54.1mm discs are 55.1mm. Theres a little step on the hub.
  7. F@cking pistake !!!

    That much money and postage is still £75 
  8. This is more for bolts but its probably true for fasteners as well especially if using alloy wheel nuts. General rule of thumb is 1.5x the diameter of the bolt. So with an M12x1.5  stud,  you want to go 18mm deep or 12 turns you've currently got about 9-10mm with 6.5 turns
  9. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Bit of a curve ball and more comfort based than track but corolla or celica Tsport with a lsd box and longer 6th from an mr2. Can be had for sub 2k with them mods, usually with some suspension mods too. Will cruise quite happily at 80mph around 3.5k and return 35-40mpg and with a 1zz (140hp 1.8l) sump on there will take a beating on track. 
  10. Pretty sure i had he same issue, used chrome bulbs for the bottom and used a twin filament holder on the drivers side for my foglight. Not sure what it looks like though as was too busy rushing to get it in for mot lol. Indicators i think i had to use my UK spec bulb holders as they were different from the supplied wiring (glanza or remix not sure) and managed to get chrome bulbs for them. 
  11. Looking for a set of Glanza/Remix fog lights!

    Ae111 levin/truenos use the same foglights as 98 spec glanzas. Dont know if thats any use to you or not lol
  12. You're such a f**king hoon  Big plans for it or just a refresh?
  13. Gt sport Beta

    I couldn't even tell you what its for. Theres not that much to it 
  14. Gt sport Beta

    Give it a try, i wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised   Oh it is 43gb!!