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  1. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Not much to update, car is overfuelling like crazy on idle, not sure if thats going to be O2 sensor or ECU shit itself. just had an fgk manifold modded to fit and new bigger boxes added to the exhaust to quieten it down a bit. Next plan is to fit the OEM airbox and inlet plenum with some imex trumpets. The idea of this is to make it more dailyable and to try make the power band drop down to the midrange some more. I've also changed the driver's side driveshaft to an idem from a ae111 Levin so its now a halfshaft therefore nearly equal length shafts. Clutch is really high and slips a tad, think the slave cylinder is sticking as the thing has only done 12k so we will see what's happening there. Then final bits to do is a bit of sound proofing and fixing knocks and rattles from the interior etc. For the mean time here is a pic of how it is sitting next to the old mans new rav4
  2. morgey

    New Ep71 Member from Greece

    Welcome along, looks like a good little project
  3. morgey

    C160 Gearbox

    LSD's were an option on any Levin/trueno bzv bzg and bzr. I don't think they have the bolt holes in the front of the box for the 4e mount but could be added.
  4. morgey

    Starter motor not clearing flywheel

    On some cars the drive ring is a separate item pressed on, maybe that been knocked and moved. I can't see a flywheel being warped, not a factory one anyway way to much material there to warp, plus they're a cast item so would more likely crack. All the mating surfaces were clean between crank and flywheel?
  5. morgey

    Spigot rings for astra discs

    You would 100% want a permanent spigot ring, a huge amount of force goes through the disc when being clamped and could easily be pulled off center especially when things get hot. For the sake of paying maybe £10 or so for some spigot rings it's not worth the risk imo.
  6. morgey

    No lights on dash

    Check the dome fuse in the engine bay, that does a range of interior stuff. When you tried the indicators was the ignition on?
  7. morgey

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    Not every ep has them, some just have a solid cover over the top. Last one I put in mine I scented up so I get a waft of air freshener whenever the heatings on lol
  8. morgey

    Wheel bearing Hub nut Torque

    154lbft iirc
  9. morgey

    shody steering feel

    The knocking on the BC will likely be the nut on top of the pillow ball, mine and a couple of others have came loose before and caused a knocking.
  10. morgey

    Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    Biggest problem with the Celica carriers is lack of pad choice. MR2 and Levin pads fit but they have a smaller footprint so it's a bit of a trade off.
  11. morgey

    Fuel starvation when cornering

    Have you got the little tub/baffle that sits around the fuel pump in the tank to stop the fuel running to the extremeties of the tank
  12. Stock power you should be ok, just keep up with oil changes and don't be overly aggressive with it and it will be fine.
  13. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    When the cars driving how I want it I'll consider more power, currently it's a bit odd so I'm going to focus on getting that sorted before doing much else to it.
  14. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    What you trying to say??
  15. morgey

    pinout diagram needed please

    Open up the ECU and it's printed on the board