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  1. Changing rear axle

    Pretty much FT, its clamping a metal bush in the middle of the rubber mount so not too much to worry about. 
  2. Ae111 box on 5e ep70

    As above, swap bell housing as a minimum but youll want to check the levin box has the bolt holes for the 4efe front box mount, if not youll have to put some in, or Failing that you'll need to swap all the ae111 internals into your box and if using a 6 speed box youll need the end casing from the ae111 box too as that houses some extra bearings Or as above use a g6r box and that will all bolt up but you'll need to find an lsd for it.
  3. Down time.

    Wheeeyy glad we're back 
  4. Engine Failure :(

    Oil light will only come on if theres a drop in pressure, not from low oil level itself. But the drop in pressure could be caused by low oil level.
  5. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    This is my problem. How has something that doesnt really exist got monetary value?  It costs some processing power and that rewards you with a bitcoin. But why has it got a value...
  6. Glanza Recaro Interior

    Was a set on fb earlier. £600 for the whole set  
  7. Some savage numbers, fair play. Look forward to seeing what you can do with the new bits on there!
  8. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    Yeah but id imagine they will be similar so was a heads up that the gasket may be able to go on a few ways and you need to get the correct orientation :)
  9. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    I cant see why that diy method wouldnt work just going to take some time. Give it a good clean down afterwards and a blast with an airline to get all the dust and grit out too.  Also make sure you torque the head up in the correct order and to spec. Oh and the headgaskets on 4efe's can be fitted upside down at which point they leak so you will want to double and triple check orientation before final fitting.
  10. 6 speed box

    Corolla g6 with the 4efe 1.3 is a direct bolt on. The 4afe box can be used but need to swap bell housings.
  11. Signal is seen from the speedo cluster. Purple/violet wire from there doen to ecu  
  12. Morgey's 20v SR

    Not much to update really, been collecting bits for my halfshalf just waiting for some better weather to get stuff fitted, fitted a low rail to my drivers recaro which gives a much better seating position, I've still got to do the passengers side.  Had my Sparco viper R's powder coated recently and have them away getting tyres fitted by a friend so should be able to pick them up next week.  In a bit of a lazy mood with the car tbh. Its jacked up on the lawn which is like a swamp so been put off doing anything. 
  13. 100ps ecu

    Think the 80 ecus are 2 plug and ep91 are 3 plug so will be a case of repinning your ep91 to ep80 plugs. But dont qoute me on that 
  14. G6r 4efe

    I think you have to notch out a bit on the shifter cradle too to allow for the extra movement to where reverse will be.
  15. Options for cam followers ???

    I dont think hydraulic will be an option as you'll need a oil supply to the outer edge of the lifter body to allow the lifter to pump up so to speak. You could get solid under bucket lifters from a yaris although im Not sure what model engine. This only needs doing if using big cams though.