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  1. its there, on the flat between the hinges. Below the check strap, you'll need to get your fingers in there to feel for it.
  2. They look like them, there might be a control box and a relay need too, that go under the dash but im not sure where, someone breaking a car might be able to advise. as for the hole is there not a rubber bung behind the door shuts?
  3. Im a 30yo in a jap ricebox i dont need to advertise that fact by shouting from the rooftops haha. I prefer to be Subtle and blend in, then catch people off guard
  4. Its an extra silencer to shut the bloody droning up
  5. Got a new o2 sensor to see if it fixes the over fuelling issue, can fit my cat then and we're all legal Couple of other bits enroute from japan, new manifold gasket, and iacv to inlet pipe, hoping it brings my cold idle down. Going to whip the idle valve off and clean it whilst im at it as the revs hold occasionally.
  6. In some cases they are, pull the kick panel trim off and see if theres blank plugs down there.
  7. What model is it for? If ep8* or 91 then just get the genuine bits and door cards, sometimes you'll have the wiring to just plug into otherwise you will need to make your own loom. Its fairly self contained so only needs wires going between drivers and passengers switches then a power and ground to the drivers switch.
  8. Its my daily atm, the corolla is half broken lol
  9. Likewise mate, was good to see some other Sr's about and fair play to you, yours is so clean maybe next time ill make an effort and get mine scrubbed up so it looks half as good as yours haha
  10. Looking good mate, i need to give mine a thorough clean its fucking minging and the weather is not looking good before JF
  11. Yeah it does, works a small rotary valve, can get choked up with oil vapor due to its location on the inlet but its easy to clean out.
  12. Yep, if its not on the shelf just let them know your paint code and they can mix it up
  13. From time to time, i dont use it much as everytime i do something else seems to break, like tonight for instance, went to the pub and now my osf brake is making a weird noise like a piston is seized or something..
  14. Yes you can just swap bits over theres also a flange that you need that the caliper mounts to. Flange Calipers Discs (the bearings are in these which is why they cost a lot) Brake lines Handbrake cable Dust covers Personal though unless you are doing track work I really wouldnt bother. The rear disc setup is pretty useless, I've rebuilt and replaced everything on mine, adjusted and re-adjust mine time and time again in various different ways, had garages look over them and try get them to work and they just don't. In every way other than looks drum brakes are the better option.
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