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  1. morgey

    New member from Denmark

    Welcome, not seen a sunroof like that before. Looks like a lovely example, get some glanza mirrors for it will compliment it nicely
  2. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Hmm i think im going to stick a new o2 in it and see how it goes, i dont really fancy throwing another £1k + at it just now, I know its really the best option but If its running ok then so be it. I still need to look at the powersteering and make that heavier, then I'll be pretty happy with the car and will start using it more and find the love for it again, maybe then I'll be more inclined to throw some extra money at it.
  3. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Now you mention it it is a tad leaner, maybe thats down to it having some drop in poncams now. Itsmaking more power and torque than previous and the tester did seem happy enough with it so ill carry on using it for now. I took it out for a drive afterwards and it did feel quicker so im wondering if it was just a bit choked up for being sitting around and only warmed from time to time? The other issue is I dont have any means of adjusting fuelling currently so unless i stick an aftermarket fpr i cant see me being able to make any changes. Just as a comparison 2011 run was Hks mushroom filter with long arm intake Factory trumpets in plenum Oem ht leads 4-2-1 obx manifold Decat 2.5" header back exhaust. Factory auto ecu. Speed limited C52 5speed box 2018 run was Oem airfilter in factory air box 30mm apex trumpets (advised to switch back to oem) Spitfire 8mm ht-leads 4-2-1 fgk manifold Decat 2.5" manifold back exhaust Factory auto ecu delimited C56 5 speed box
  4. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Riiiight, so had it on the dyno, did some load testing and power runs to test fuelling under a range of conditions. Good news is its not that bad, its rich on idle, around 13.5 - 13.9. Cruising was ok at 14.7-15.1, jumping around a bit but otherwise where it should be. And under WOT its pretty much where it should be and i had a look back over an old dyno from 2011 when it had a similar setup and the AFR graph was almost identical so i guess i got panicked over nothing other than maybe a faulty o2 sensor. As for power, its a different dyno to previous runs but the figures were about on par. Again huge driveline losses but identical to previous runs elsewhere so not sure whats causing that but results were 178fly @ 8400 132wheel 46hp loss... 122lbft @ 6200 New run fuelling is the ditty one in pink lol old run from 2011 fuelling at bottom As you can see, they are almost identical leaning out and richening up in the same places.
  5. morgey

    Not so rare 4efe-t starlet love

    Fair play for having a go lad, its a good way to learn but it can be costly. Trust me, I've caused myself a few headaches by not doing my research or asking a few questions. If you're in doubt about anything, have a quick search in the tech area for some key words to what you're doing. Theres a search function to narrow things down. Secondly failing that, bung a post up asking some questions, outlining what you're doing and what info you'd like to know. although it may not seem it at times, we are a friendly bunch who want to see people and their projects succeed
  6. morgey

    LSD recommendations

    Ae111 facebook pages, most likely in a gearbox. If looking through the diff They look like a solid plate, theres a very small gap down either side but its hard to see
  7. morgey

    LSD recommendations

    Yup quiafe for road. or a trd torsen/helical, if you could find one, Theyre basically the same as what got put in ae111 levin bzr's. I have one in both my cars and they're great.
  8. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Right, ran over mosts bits in the engine bay with a multimeter, checking resistance or voltage. Tps sweep test, Map, Iat, Injectors, o2, water temp. Etc etc Everything checked fine out so next thing will be mechanical items, fpr, and fuel pump fuel injectors then ecu. Hopefully the dyno run tomorrow will shed some light on what it could be as im running out of ideas lol
  9. morgey

    Toyota Roll centres adjusters RCA

    Good idea, my concern with a road car would be longevity of it unless you could come up with a suitable boot to put over the rose joint. As for the length you would find a happy medium say that OEM is fine for 0 -30mm drop Then offer length a/b/c for 30-45/45-60/60-75 etc, it would offer a vast improvement in the overall geometry than if you ran the OEM ones. On another note, you could almost use this as a secondary means of camber adjustment too, albeit you would have to undo it to adjust it and it wouldn't be locked up Securely. Maybe a future revision could somehow incorporate that?
  10. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Yeah exactly, I'm going to a different one on Tuesday (emerald) so it's not going to be a direct comparison but it will still give me some baseline figures to work out what's going on fueling wise.
  11. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Nothing off the shelf fromt ME, I could make a jumper harness but you'd still be getting up towards 1k by the time you've bought it and had it all mapped. I have an E-manage sitting here but there's loads of contradicting stories of them dropping maps on 4age's so I'm reluctant to use it. Plus the few times it's been on a Dyno it's been running extremely well and fueling spot on. The operators usually comment on how good it is and when asked about improvements from an ECU they've said it would be negligible. There will be gains I'm sure and probably most of it from the midrange which would be a good thing but at the moment management isn't going to fix the fuelling issue unfortunately.
  12. morgey

    Black SR

    Always was Avery nice example, good to see it making an appearance again!
  13. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    I have, and I still am debating it but unless I went boost I don't feel it would be worth it. I might get an extra 10-15whp and slightly better mpg but is it really worth £1k? Or what ever it would cost. As for your name change you'd have to speak to an admin, moderators don't have that ability I'm afraid.
  14. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Well been faffing around testing things to try and get to the bottom of my over fueling issue, still none the wiser. So I decided to book it in for a Dyno run to find out when exactly it's over fuelling to try and narrow things down a bit. In the mean time I fitted the OEM intake plenum and airbox to make it quieter, I used to 30mm imec trumpets inside the thing so these will still make the power a bit peaky but I think overall it should have shifted down a bit. But It definitely is missing some urgency which I'm assuming is down to the fuelling, compared to my daily corolla with a 20v its no where near as responsive It's a bit of a squeeze and I need to modify the top of the plenum to give clearance to the strut brace but it's all in. Actually quite like the sound of it, it's got a good grunt to it
  15. Fensport stock oem replacement blue print ones, both my 20vs run them for 4 + years