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  1. Rear Brake Pads

    Thanks for that mate
  2. Rear Brake Pads

    try and get this kit to wind back the piston well worth the money
  3. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    looking really good mate
  4. Mats ep91

    would look much cleaner to fit the number plate on the top off the rear window.
  5. My Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo

    Just seeing can i upload a photo, can you see the levin wheel lol???  
  6. Mats ep91

    I was going to do the same with my glanza boot lid to smooth it but i was going to fit the lexus is200 fog lights as i was thinking it would be to bare other wise
  7. best wiring route for gauges

    dont use the ac vent as to much in your face use the speedo cable route.get a non ac blanking rubber if you have ac removed 
  8. best wiring route for gauges

    no real clean way mate. maybe feed in and around the drivers wing
  9. Lights, no lights when turn on Full beam

    Lol i would say they are blown are the full lights work 2in10 times 
  10. I have a 92 gt and the low beam works but when i flick on the FULL beams both lights turn off, only the fog lights are working. any idea please
  11. Rear Caliper Guide

    removing the piston is the easy part it is fitting itback on the threads again is the bitch and get the dust boot seal over the piston
  12. Tapatalk

    I have this app downloded but have no idea how it works  
  13. Things to refresh while engine is out ?

    timing belt and water pump
  14. Project Mighty Trust Krusher

    really nice gt mate