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  1. MISS,STRESS >>> mister koni yellow

    What did it fail nct on?
  2. Rear caliper rebuild.

    no just two small flat head screwdrivers and work it in
  3. A other annual sale begins & a other year i have to pass. Dame wife and kids getting in my way lol
  4. Long time coming

    I like the boot lid dewiper and delocked
  5. What should I be looking for?

    Run like fxxk away from that car
  6. Power washing the engine & bay?

    I did that worked great
  7. OEM A Pillar Map Light

    Matty is that really you??? sorry Aidan free bump
  8. Rusted split pin?

    I was thinking spraying it with wd40 and leave it for a time and try and use a punch to get it out as i dont want to brake the drill bit in the hole
  9. Rusted split pin?

    i am going to re use the track rod end. could i drill it out?
  10. Rusted split pin?

    Lads tried to remove my track rod end but the split pin is rusted and wont come out. any ideas for me please
  11. ep91 non - turbo door handle fit a glanza?

    Yes cannt see why they wouldnt fit
  12. Dc2 shell build up.

    Some build welldone
  13. Christmas is coming early

    Sexy manifold mate
  14. front centre arm rest

    I have the oem in my gt with out any brackets are runners. i just drilled two holes from the armrest in to the centre plastic and bolted them both togerher.
  15. best comment off the week and i am a irish man