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  1. glanzadude

    My Black mk2 Project

    can you pm me please before removing the A/C thanks
  2. glanzadude

    EP82 restoration/track build

    Nice to see a other Gt getting looked after, looking really good mate
  3. glanzadude

    Ignis recaros in Glanza

    There ant much you can do with them seats mate.
  4. glanzadude

    98 spec daily

    Never seen this build before, looks great i have to say and love the stock looking engine bay but the new turbo kit looks sexy
  5. glanzadude

    Car cutting out when jump leads pulled off

    Thats handy to know too
  6. glanzadude

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    ^^^ that sounds about right
  7. glanzadude

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    have a look anyways
  8. glanzadude

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    I had the same thing with my gt, it turned out to be a crack in tge decat and manifold
  9. glanzadude

    My Black mk2 Project

    Nice bit off work there.Great to see a other GT
  10. glanzadude

    My Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo

    Got new alloys and tyres for the GT couldnt stand the other alloys that i got with the car and for €50.00 where could i go wrong.
  11. glanzadude

    Kie's EP82 GT Turbo

    Nice gt
  12. glanzadude

    EP70 Turbo / Restore

    Great looking car and nice to see a other Irish car on this
  13. Thats one sexy engine bay, best off luck with her
  14. glanzadude

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    That glanza looks great, love the stock glanza alloys