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  1. wickedep

    New member from Denmark

    welcome. lovely looking EP...
  2. we do not sell these mate. they come with stock bracket...chances are you've rotated the housings on your turbo...so you'd need to modify the existing bracket much like what you have probably already done with the stock td04 actuator you are currently using.
  3. wickedep

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    you'd definitely trim the side exhaust a bit mate...
  4. try the turbosmart IWG-75 internal waste gate suited for td04L. they work well...
  5. wickedep

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    looking good mate...!!!
  6. wickedep

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    looking great mate...
  7. wickedep

    Ready for the road

    was this on a mainline dyno mate?
  8. wickedep

    Thinking of going forged 5E

    people keep talking about how 5e's dont like to rev...this is myth. you can rev to 8.5K rpm safely. in most cases 7.5K- 8k rpm is ample for most builds as most would use small frame turbos. if you plan to make over 275bhp...then it doesn't matter if you choose 4e/5e..you'd still need to forge for reliability...so, IF exceeding this power...by all means a forged 5e will be better than 4e any day...
  9. wickedep

    Thinking of going forged 5E

    if 5e is an option for you...go for it. you wont regret it. there are no cons..only pros...but you'd need to forge the 5e to make the most of it...
  10. wickedep

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    On the way...
  11. hi rob, sorry i dont mean to spam, but only posting this because you have not specified which td04 billet you have compared it to and i've had a few customers message me and ask if it was one of ours. its created a bit of confusion. so felt its best to clear it up. the above td04 hybrid seems very laggy. Graph 1: a comparison with the ct9 that was on the car ...dotted line--ct9 , solid line -- our td04 hybrid...pink line -- boost plot. tune on the hybrid was a VERY safe tune whilst the car was being set up for track... Graph 2: same car...final race map as you can see there is vast difference in power and power delivery between the the td04 billet you've compared and ours. hope this clears and further confusion for others. thanks! Sacha
  12. wickedep


    just message me and i can sort the parts out for your if needed mate... sacha
  13. top bloke...bought a used clutch from him. items were as described and shipped asap upon receiving the payment. would highly recommend anyone to purchase from him. not to mention he's one of the old dogs in here Sacha
  14. wickedep

    Definitely not a new member...

    welcome back mate!!
  15. 3 days to go till sale ends...25% OFF on all manifold/downpipe combos...