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  1. wickedep

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    On the way...
  2. hi rob, sorry i dont mean to spam, but only posting this because you have not specified which td04 billet you have compared it to and i've had a few customers message me and ask if it was one of ours. its created a bit of confusion. so felt its best to clear it up. the above td04 hybrid seems very laggy. Graph 1: a comparison with the ct9 that was on the car ...dotted line--ct9 , solid line -- our td04 hybrid...pink line -- boost plot. tune on the hybrid was a VERY safe tune whilst the car was being set up for track... Graph 2: same car...final race map as you can see there is vast difference in power and power delivery between the the td04 billet you've compared and ours. hope this clears and further confusion for others. thanks! Sacha
  3. wickedep


    just message me and i can sort the parts out for your if needed mate... sacha
  4. top bloke...bought a used clutch from him. items were as described and shipped asap upon receiving the payment. would highly recommend anyone to purchase from him. not to mention he's one of the old dogs in here Sacha
  5. wickedep

    Definitely not a new member...

    welcome back mate!!
  6. 3 days to go till sale ends...25% OFF on all manifold/downpipe combos...
  7. wickedep

    The beginning

    Endless brakes...win!!
  8. thanks for the update Bean!! NIck...PM replied. 9 days to go till sale ends....
  9. 10 days remaining till the sale ends guys. FYI...
  10. mate sadly our website was hacked some time ago and its been down for a while. we've been so busy and just not had the time to attend to it. post on here what you need and i'll try my best to get back to you asap with all the info/prices you require mate.
  11. Half way there till it ends guys...!!! get your orders in...
  12. awesome..thank you for your order!!!!
  13. i'll put it in here in case anyone else is curious too..prices after 25% off are.. m/s ram combo -- $585/£450 shipped. m/s top mount ram combo -- $625/£481 shipped thanks! Sacha
  14. Sale is now on till the 31st of October.
  15. wickedep

    New Starlet owner from South Florida USA

    that rear louver looks awesome!!!