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  1. mate sadly our website was hacked some time ago and its been down for a while. we've been so busy and just not had the time to attend to it. post on here what you need and i'll try my best to get back to you asap with all the info/prices you require mate.
  2. Half way there till it ends guys...!!! get your orders in...
  3. awesome..thank you for your order!!!!
  4. i'll put it in here in case anyone else is curious too..prices after 25% off are.. m/s ram combo -- $585/£450 shipped. m/s top mount ram combo -- $625/£481 shipped thanks! Sacha
  5. Sale is now on till the 31st of October.
  6. wickedep

    New Starlet owner from South Florida USA

    that rear louver looks awesome!!!
  7. wickedep

    CT9/CT-frame top mount manifold kit..!!!

    hi, yes mate we still do make them and now we have modifies the waste gate outlet so a/c is possible. during October..with the 25% OFF..the mild steel combo is $625/£478 and the s/s kit is $760/£581 shipped.
  8. Hi guys, Another year has flown by quick and its about that time of year again. as always..during the month of October...we will be offering 25% OFF on ALL 4E/5E manifold combos. If anyone has any queries on price/availability during this time..just post it up on this thread and i'll try my best to respond as quick as possible. You may receive a quicker response via our Facebook page. Delivery times will be roughly 2-3 weeks. Last year (during the sale period) we managed to stick within this time frame. we will strive to do better this year. custom products "may" require a little more time guy. please read our terms & condition posted on the main WEPR forum page before ordering guys. Thanks. Sacha
  9. wickedep

    S14a major rebuild

    Lot of nice custom work go into this build. nice updates..good work. i worked on a S15 recently too (drag build), here's some pics of what i did..
  10. wickedep

    Recommendations for Car / Home Security Cameras

    hey Daz, why not get 2-4 camera cctv system installed in your home mate? i am not sure if they are costly in the UK...but over here fairly cheapish and the IR feature is a great option. in general, a cctv set us is good insurance against home protection. if you have wi-fi at home..then you can view any of the cameras from your phone at any time too. Sacha
  11. ps: we have a new turbo set up/intake manifold ready to go on the car...so hoping to push the boundaries a bit more..for now its back to hammering out orders...hopefully soon, time will permit me to work on my own car :)
  12. hey guys.. managed to get some time to finish up tune on my car. last time we were on the dyno...we had excessive wheel spin.. 399whp was all it showed. this time we are using a new Mainline Dyno from Aussie (similar to a Mustang dyno).. these dyno's read lower than the typical Dynojet dyno's...but nevertheless...we made 483whp/542nm torque at 2.2bar and 50 shot of nos. i am especially happy about the numbers because we are still on a STOCK head..the heads only been mildly ported and polished...yes you read that right..stock head. but we will be getting a new head soon from LC Porting. anyhow here's the video.. https://youtu.be/R8xkVOSlfv4 even with a few lads on the car, the vehicle was still wheel spinning a little. unfortunately i cannot post an pics because of this photobucket issue.
  13. only 6 days remaining lads...hope everyone has got their orders in :)
  14. no mate sorry, we do not have anything unfortunately.