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  1. wickedep

    Recommendations for Car / Home Security Cameras

    hey Daz, why not get 2-4 camera cctv system installed in your home mate? i am not sure if they are costly in the UK...but over here fairly cheapish and the IR feature is a great option. in general, a cctv set us is good insurance against home protection. if you have wi-fi at home..then you can view any of the cameras from your phone at any time too. Sacha
  2. ps: we have a new turbo set up/intake manifold ready to go on the car...so hoping to push the boundaries a bit more..for now its back to hammering out orders...hopefully soon, time will permit me to work on my own car :)
  3. hey guys.. managed to get some time to finish up tune on my car. last time we were on the dyno...we had excessive wheel spin.. 399whp was all it showed. this time we are using a new Mainline Dyno from Aussie (similar to a Mustang dyno).. these dyno's read lower than the typical Dynojet dyno's...but nevertheless...we made 483whp/542nm torque at 2.2bar and 50 shot of nos. i am especially happy about the numbers because we are still on a STOCK head..the heads only been mildly ported and polished...yes you read that right..stock head. but we will be getting a new head soon from LC Porting. anyhow here's the video.. https://youtu.be/R8xkVOSlfv4 even with a few lads on the car, the vehicle was still wheel spinning a little. unfortunately i cannot post an pics because of this photobucket issue.
  4. only 6 days remaining lads...hope everyone has got their orders in :)
  5. no mate sorry, we do not have anything unfortunately.
  6. bump...almost half way through October. we've also added our new TMIC upgrade to the sale. check it out on our facebook page guys.
  7. wickedep

    Wastegate coming through bonnet scoop

    if anyone want to see how ryan couldnt event figure out how to fit his kit in the first place..PM me i wont bother replying to this banter anymore. turbonmini..if you are interested in that adapter..pm me mate. i can sort that out for ya.
  8. wickedep

    Wastegate coming through bonnet scoop

    turbomini...if you are going to use bolt type gate on a 5e with this kit..then you will need to use a turbosmart as the tial is very tall. you could also look into raising the hood using some shims or go with an aftermarket scoop. 5e brings the kit closer to the hood by 20mm. 99% of people use vband tial's now..so never really encounter any issues. if you ant to go with vband waste gate, i can even send you a bolt on bolt type>vband adapter nice to see most people offer helpful suggestions. as usual we have one who chimes in like clockwork about a bad experience,yet pm's for prices.
  9. 25% off on all manifold combos...as of today...till the 31st October
  10. PS: the British pound is the strongest right now its been against the $USD since brexit. good time to buy. please use http://www.xe.com for any currency conversions.
  11. guys the 25% discount only applies for manifold/downpipe combo purchases. not for just the manifold manifold -- $465usd paypal inc. decat -- $285usd paypal inc combo after 25% -- $565usd shipped paypal included. combo after 25% -- $565usd shipped paypal included.
  12. always use paypal. you are always protected. sorry to hear about this issue mate