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  1. maddox710

    Manifold material

    Mild steel for longevity, then wrap it in some good quality heat wrap.
  2. maddox710

    Central locking wiring diagram

    Cheers luke
  3. maddox710

    Central locking wiring diagram

    Can anyone tell me pin outs on a 96 glanza for a universal remote locking kit. Really just the bit that controls the original locking?
  4. maddox710

    "Lsd" how can u tell

    The rear gearbox mount is 2 piece, the main bulk of it is alloy and it has a flat black steel cross peice Also both Driveshafts are more or less the same size
  5. maddox710

    Toyota IQ

    I love this thing
  6. maddox710

    lower arm bush size

    Pretty sure my old white glanza had 31s Cheers
  7. maddox710

    lower arm bush size

    ay up folks, need to change my lower arm bushes desperately, however i believe there are 2 sizes.. which is the most common size for a 96 glanza or will i just need to hope and pray i order the right size??
  8. maddox710

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    I'm booked on Stock glanza. BC coilovers Nankang ns2r Full size alloy rad Yellow stuff pads Maybe stripped out interior havnt decided yet
  9. maddox710

    Bosch 044, swirl pot and filter set up

    That the end of the line for the glanza now??
  10. maddox710

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

  11. maddox710

    Maddox710 second glanza

    Just chucked a TD adjustable actuator arm in and set to stock boost feels much better now. not much else to update on, still looking for a seat rail to put my cobra imola on, its been months now without joy.
  12. maddox710

    Glanza seat rails wanted

    I remember when people used to just give these away
  13. So what was the knocking noise then nick?