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  1. Ignis recaros

    Aah that answer that then they are different. Glanza rails are a waste of time, they need cutting up and making lower 
  2. Ignis recaros

    You tried these yourself? I've just looked at a few pictures and the don' t look like the rails would fit. On a glanza the inside rear feet on the front seat turn down 90deg and bolt to the exhaust tunnel. These don't 
  3. 270/280 billet cams

    You'l need to test fit and measure up regardless of what cams you drop in 
  4. Steering rack

    Yeah though this would be the case
  5. Steering rack

    Hi chaps, is there any other interchangeable steering racks that would go into a glanza to make closer ratio steering (lock to lock)
  6. 1nzfe in a starlet

    The 1nzfe got weak rods so can' tmuch boost if you go down that route, having owned a yaris t sport I must say it's a great little fizzy engine, bomb proof like like the 4e 
  7. Project Red Ranger

    Nice close tolerances  Looking good 
  8. Speeding advice?

    Lucky girl! 
  9. 3 port boost control solenoid.

    How much more responsive is using a 3port via ecu than a ebc??   
  10. Engine Removal

    Wouldn' oo tthought you need to pull the loom out 
  11. dogbox

  12. Maddox710 second glanza

    Too Stance nation bro! I wanted konig hypergrams but can't afford anything atm.  I wanna just concentrate on making the car feel nice to drive.  Thinking of rose jointing track rod ends, making Bump steer+roll centre kit and just going over bushes 
  13. Air filter

    I got mine from euro car parts as fibre glass reinforcing 
  14. Air filter

    I had mesh over my td04 setup for over a year and it was fine 
  15. Maddox710 second glanza

    Yeah definitely J Wish I never sold it!  Dont even know where it is now last I heard was in Chelmsford somewhere