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  1. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Forged glanza? Haha
  2. Free interior plastic

    Anyone got any old interior plastic knocking about they don't want il pay for delivery. I wanna test some paints out without ripping mine out 
  3. Help Changing oil pump

    You might find it easier if you drop that engine mount off and support the engine while it's tilted over be easy to access 
  4. Help Changing oil pump

    Is the engine out? Getting the old crank pulley off can be a bitch. Be careful taking the main timing belt pulley off the crank, may need a puller. And make sure you torque wrench all the pump housing bolts up to spec. They only need a low setting 
  5. Pretty sure I've seen them run a map before, I think that would be more appealing for someone on here 
  6. These can run map sensor right? 
  7. Cylinder Head Thread

    Radius valve cut? but that's fairly minor, but it all adds up. 
  8. Cylinder Head Thread

    Think zisco have the record for most extreme head Dan 
  9. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    That's an epic choice Dan or maybe a e39 540i v8 baby! 
  10. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Out the question I think a good one starts @£9k-11k
  11. Marks starlet sr

    Good to see someone stepping into the itbs route. Love to see how it's turns out, keep up the good work 
  12. re-use internal parts with less than 200km on

    If the rings are going back in the same block I wouldn't even bother, just replace all gaskets 
  13. Don't start this silly talk now nick 
  14. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    Looks so good man 
  15. ct9 oil return

    Might have one kicking about in the garage col