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  1. Rx7 tmic

  2. Rx7 tmic

    Any about with the silicone bends? 
  3. Rear gearbox bolt ASAP

    Sorted now guys thanks too chops 
  4. 6 speed box

    I know the early gt box (c52) were long legged  But maybe someone could clear this up
  5. 6 speed box

    C161  final drive 4.529 1st       2nd      3rd     4th     5th     6th 3.166 1.904 1.233  0.969  0.815  0.628 C56 final drive 4.312 1st       2nd      3rd       4th      5th     3.166  1.904  1.392  1.031  0.815   Both use the same reverse by the looks of it 3.250 C161 is what we in the UK are most likely to find out the corolla g6 The levin ae111 uses the C160  I believe has a shorter 2nd-5th gears And I've just compared it against the most common glanza Gbox (C56)  Hope this helps
  6. Forwarded onto a mate who interested 
  7. Rear gearbox bolt ASAP

    Cheers mate 
  8. Rear gearbox bolt ASAP

  9. HKS PFC FCON gone bad.

    Nice work dude 
  10. Rear gearbox bolt ASAP

      Need this specific bolt if anyone has one please let me know ASAP 
  11. 6 speed box

    Pretty sure the Gbox code for the 6spd is c160 and a c161  The c152 was a varient of the 5spd 
  12. Would love to see it on the konig hypergram, as that' wwhat I wanted put cost alot too import them into England 
  13. Best coilovers

    Gotta say I'd more likely have meisterr again if I could 
  14. Best coilovers

    Just installed brand new bc on mine glanza yesterday, done a little bit of driving round and they dont feel as complient as meisterr 
  15. HKS PFC FCON gone bad.

    You will have to probe them too tell they don’t often show visible signs they are gone