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  1. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

  2. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Tbh mate just after stock ones to cut up 
  3. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    just wanting a drivers side seat rail only please 
  4. Glanza wheel alignment!

    I'm in the same boat as you mate. Just had a general wheel alignment and feels okay but I feel disappointed with the overall feel would like to know a fast road setup 
  5. EP91 TD04L WEPR TurboKit £500

    Please don't take offence but I'm sure you can buy a brand new kit for £525  
  6. Spun a bearing on crank

    Could just be bad look that maybe some junk has block an oil gallery.  How was you driving at the time? 
  7. Timmah's '96 Glanza V

    Nice work, I've got a dw200 waiting to go in mine 
  8. Opinions wanted

    Hell yeah, I’d love something like that 
  9. Hks hi power silent for ep82/ep91

    Good lad
  10. HKS, Decat, ct9, fmic hot pipe

    Still got any bits? 
  11. Most things on the engines and interior are interchangeable 
  12. Oil catch can apexi boost gauge samco hoses

    The catch can baffled? 
  13. Walker96 V reg glanza

    I remember on my old glanza putting rarb on made the front end more pointy entering corners at Speed
  14. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    Wouldn't worry too much as around 15 is about right under idle, the engine isnt under any load