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Simon's Glanza

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After much pestering from some certain members i've decided it's time to start a pogress blog!

First a bit of history.......

I got my first starlet a UK EP91 sr in 1999 this is where i got into these quirky little cars and soon after owning the sr i got to find out about the Glanza and after a year in early 2000 i brought a stock 1996 black glanza V:


Throught this car was how i first met Dave Burwash i'd just started modding the car and Dave had a Blitz de-cat for sale so i went down to collect this was back long before TMD when Dave had a MK1 gt with a lion bite in the back bumper!

My Glanza got quite highly modified but life got in the way and after buying my own house i couldn't afford to take the car to the level i wanted to so i broke the car for parts around 2005.

I always kept in contact with Dave and in 2009 i decided i wanted to get another starlet and i started looking to see what was about.

This 1996 Glanza came up for sale on ebay up in Edinburgh i could see it had some nice parts on it and although it was not a runner due to a knocking engine i knew between me a Dave we would sort this:



This turned out to be a really good buy and i sold off some of the un-wanted parts which paid for the car :)

As good as the parts that came on the car were i wasn't 100% happy with the main body as it wasn't that tidy so i started looking again and this came up on TGTT:






A deal was struck where the seller kept all the audio as it wasn't what i wanted at the time and of course this one wasn't without it's problems:


So parts were sold from both cars that i didn't need and a plan was hatched with help of an old mate starlet nath who still had a mint 28000 mile 4EFTE in bits in his garage from when he had a project going on!

I brought a full recaro interior for it when one popped up on the fourm, got the varis bonnet and bumper from the black car and a back bumper with optional lip painted and fitted and that was where the fun started.

I'd been helping Dave out when Darren was racing in the toyota sprint series as i had a van full of tools for my job at the time and helped out with the spanners when needed. Just as i was about to get an engine built Dave said he was breaking the sprint car and did i want the engine...

This was a no brainer originally built by Rob Barnard (SES) then later opened up and inspected by Dave and Darren this had a good spec:


Forged pistons and rods

Knife edged crank

Cruise power gasket

Cruise power valve springs

Ivan tighe 282 cams

Head work port and polish

when it was inspected all new genuine toyota pumps and gaskets were used.

I got a bargin of a HRF TD05 kit which needed the turbo re-building so this was done and i brought the F-con V-pro from Dave at the same time. A long weekend was spent down at the workshop at TMD and we got the engine in the car all up and running.

Later i swapped out the stock inlet for one that Rob made some time ago when he had some fancy comput software availble to him that calculated the optimum inlet lengths this was fitted along with a tuning developements throttle body pulley:


By that time i'd started to tidy up the engine bay so had swapped a lot of the bolts to stainless steel countersunk hex screws with blue washers, replaced all the fuel hoses with braided lines and AN fittings, fitted a silk road engine dampner, roose hose kit with blitz top rad hose and a few other blue shiny bits including a power steering bottle and coolant overflow made by Dean at RW:



The black car had given it's Sard radiator and greddy intercooler plus the greddy oil filter re-location kit and oil cooler to the project.

This saw the engine pretty much complete it had the map tweaked down at Austec racing and made 317hp @ 1.48 bar of boost.


After fitting the optional extra recaro interior i was pretty happy but didn't feel that the front seats offered as much support as i wanted and after having evo V recaros in my last glanza i started looking for some and then came across these:

They came from a skyline and the rails were sold which paid for the seats!

I added a Defi DIN pannel as i'm not really a fan of gauges on top of the dash. Also i managed to get a set of the TRD carbon pannels from Si when he broke his V and converted to a 98 dash cluster with the nicer red needles at the same time. While i was getting some parts from Si i got the pipe work to remove the ABS:


A momo wheel with with carbon detailing, recaro trimmed center arm rest, Jam gear knob, C's short shifter, shifter extension, AEM wideband, Turbosmart E-boost 2 and black leather red stiched gators have been added over time.

Everything is currently in bits as i'm having a bit of a re-fresh over winter sorting one or two things out and getting the car to where i want it.

Engine is out and the bay is stripped ready for a coat of paint:


There is probally much i've missed but will try and keep this up to date from now on :)

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Realy enjoied reading that nice write up mate!

Will be keeping my eyes on this build :) keep it up Simon

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always wondered about your car alot of very nice parts in there . my cars in much the same state as yours atm :p

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I spent one night last week stripping the engine bay loom and removing all the ABS and air con wiring, i'm not really going for a full wire tuck but wanted to take all the un-wanted plugs and wires:



This is how it was before i took it apart:




Edited by Simon

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Also got bored listening to my music without any bass, so got this from Si:


And built these:


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i like that boot build i might do a false floor like that just without the speakers sick of loosing shite down the wheel well!! Its like pandoras box!! ;)

Edited by Broony

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Awsome thread mate great attention to detail and an awsome looking motor

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After much pestering from some certain members i've decided it's time to start a pogress blog!

:D Win!

Glad youve got a write up done, looking awesome as ever!

Keep us posted!

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Good to see you started a thread Simon. Good read and look forward to your updates :)

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Nice to meet you today. Thanks again for your help. Car looks really nice, live the varis kit. Look forward to seeing progress on it.

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Looking awesome Si, everything mine should have been - SARD rad is epic

Also I need your wheels!

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A few parts i have been gathering from Japan tuned up today :yahoo:

My HKS F-con was missing the front plate and one popped up on the auctions so i had that:


Then i'd been looking for a few more optional extras and these came up....

Front passenger tidy box:



These are not the EP91 rear cup holders but will fit better as i have an arm rest too which you cannot have with the EP91 specific ones:



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