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Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

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Ohhhhhh that's nice.

This is stunning. I love the colour!

I agree :)!

about time you got a real starlet turbo Socks! The GT are a much nicer car.

Looks like a good buy nice one.

haha, I like the real part. Must admit stock for stock. The GT is a better car. Feels lighter on its feet.

rare color indeed best of luck with her socks

Beautiful colour

Cheers chaps!

Don't bring this to Japfest. Same generation and wheels as me but in a lot better nick, it'll show me right up :lol:

No idea what im going to be in yet!

So much want for this

Love the colour, and some good touches to tidy it up as well bud

Cheers Boys!

Grabbed a HKS Actuator that I had lying around to fit to this today.

The on dash boost gauge never really went up to where it should do.(underboosting)


Pleased to report, the boost has come back and the cars performance has been replenished!

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Looks fantastic! Lovely colour.

Could someone please explain the "trusted and well respected bit" about the dealer/seller in high Wycombe? I'd rather not be diddled in the future!

Most likely the well known " usman hyRAT "
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There was a particular boost gauge I wanted for this car. Because the colour scheme matches the GT Clocks Perfectly!

Managed to find a brand new one in JDM... So over it came!


There were some holes in the dashboard that a 'PRICK' previous owner had used screws to attached what I can only assume was a gauge before me.

So I used the same holes and covered them with a gauge.


Then very tidily ran the hose and electrical wires down the gap and after removing the A/C Buttons (A/C is gone), ran them through the hole.


So no further butchering was done. I cant stress enough to people. NEVER EVER, cut holes in the fucking dashboard. TWAT MOVE...

To my surprise, after already fitting an actuator and increasing the boost to what I THOUGHT, was the right level. I was only boosting to 0.3bar. Guess im just not used to CT9's haha.

So a bit of extra tension on the actuator, to my surprise... Spool was MUCH faster and 0.6bar is bang on. Holds it to the redline too. Amazing for a CT9 really.

Wish i'd have done it sooner. I could have put a bigger gap between me and akyakapotter on track at JF2 :p.

Also, got my hands on some Pioneer Carrozzeria JDM Shelf Speakers.


Makes a nice change actually. To have decent sound in a starlet. Usually so rubbish!

Then came the night time.


Only In Japan...

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haha i blame my shit driving and crap tires lol

Anything Else? :p

love the speakers socks!

did you see the ones in charlotte's car? very simlier to them

They are very similar to Charlotte's!

Well, im using this car daily now as the Corolla T-Sport is gone.

Im going to do the bodywork over winter. But mechanically speaking a few things need doing!

Simple stuff first. Front Discs and Pads:


Painted the disc bells black to help prevent rusting.

Also fitted a full set of Rays Wheel Nuts. To get rid of the rusty things it had before.

Sorry about the dirty wheels its raining a fair bit here atm, not had chance to give her a wash!

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