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  1. Socks


    Looking great Tim! Look forward to seeing it back on track!
  2. Argh shit! That is shit news dude! The car is soooo clean! Keep going dont give up dude!
  3. Socks


    This looks awesome gee!
  4. Shame. by nice to see a build log with this rather then just odds and sods thru social media. Would be nice for true followers!
  5. Socks

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Back to Cadwell again for the year was out! Was quite alot of talent on this day, which is great, means less Red Flags Was with some mates who were testing Civic Turbos. Mike in his TA EK9 was testing a Splitter Design that worked really well. It was also going so well for Marc too, until a pushfit oil cooler line popped off in front of me. Covering my car and the track with oil. Little did I know until I tried to wash the windscreen, and visibility went to ZERO. Whoops. Luckily he shut it down, when at Wide Open Throttle it dropped out of vtec, then after seeing oil pressure gauge on zero! He saved the engine though! That's the main thing! Was a mega day despite grip levels. Had fun, its tucked up for Winter now. Few changes to do for next year which ill post up about when I find time! Here is the rest of the footage from the day:
  6. Socks

    EP82 restoration/track build

    8J front would be ok tho. Ill swap u a pair. We can both run 8J front and 7J rears then haha
  7. Socks

    EP82 restoration/track build

    Id love 7J versions. My 8J versions are too wide!
  8. Socks

    EP82 restoration/track build

    What size and offset are the TH monos? I have some in a 15x8 but worried about scrubbing on the back!
  9. Socks

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Update Time! So, I went back to Cadwell with friends too. Walker & Bro, Maddox and Amjad all took a mooch down. Along with some local mates. One of them owning a 500bhp Astra Van hahaha. My first track day with "OpenTrack" who overbooked the day. 114 cars booked on! wtf. So huge ques and waiting to get onto track, which sucked. Decided to stay out for longer periods tho, since it was a cool day and I had the cooling capacity now The day before it absolutely pissed it down, so in the morning the track was soaked from that. With no sun to dry it out. I let the heros go out first to dry the track out a bit. Someone put it in a wall in the first session, red flag. Waiting again. Then I went out for first session and it confirmed what I already knew. Dont fuck with Cadwell Park in the wet. Proper dangerous lol. Left it, then eventually, due to fog, the track time was aborted. Then dinner happened. Then, sun was out, track was drying, after 30mins a dry line was appearing too. Session Time! Went out for a good session, was out there 40mins! lol. Had some fun with a 380bhp Corsa VXR. Then came in for a cool down, started to que to get back out a little while after. There was a serious crash, a megane put it in a wall (was running slicks on a wet track too, clown). Once that was recovered, it all started again as I remained in the que. I get to first in line, another red flag. A Mini with slicks had put in into an armco. Snapped 3 armco posts. Which ended the day at 2:45pm. So pleased it was discounted day to like £80 lol. Ah well, got a couple of sessions in and its fairly local no real loss. Got some good video footage and photos. Car hasn't changed since last time either, nothing needed changing was stable and fun! and the rest of the video footage from the sessions: Enjoy Folks! Im booked onto Jav for Cadwell on the 25th Nov too if anyone else fancys it!
  10. Socks

    Zisco 6-Point Brace

    Near Lincoln buddy.
  11. Zisco 6-Point Rear Brace £399 Posted ono. In very good condition. Will be posted via 24hr Courier. Paypal, Bank Xfer or Cash Collect
  12. The track day was.... Eventful so to speak lol. Me, Amjad, Walker and his Bro, Maddox were all smiling tho! The track was so dangerous. Greasy and it was foggy too. Had to be very careful. Couple of videos.
  13. Socks

    Lee's 8L5 SOL Build - 40K Miles!

    This looks mint! Great work! De-Sidestrip should defo be on the list tho, will look mega! Dont know why Glanzas didnt come in this dark blue. I like it alot!
  14. Socks

    Silverstone 5e GT

    Looked great dude! Some right Barrys out in that session! Pretty much the fastest thing on the track by the looks of it! More fuel next time :P