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  1. Zisco 6-Point Rear Brace £399 Posted ono. In very good condition. Will be posted via 24hr Courier. Paypal, Bank Xfer or Cash Collect
  2. The track day was.... Eventful so to speak lol. Me, Amjad, Walker and his Bro, Maddox were all smiling tho! The track was so dangerous. Greasy and it was foggy too. Had to be very careful. Couple of videos.
  3. Socks

    Lee's 8L5 SOL Build - 40K Miles!

    This looks mint! Great work! De-Sidestrip should defo be on the list tho, will look mega! Dont know why Glanzas didnt come in this dark blue. I like it alot!
  4. Socks

    Silverstone 5e GT

    Looked great dude! Some right Barrys out in that session! Pretty much the fastest thing on the track by the looks of it! More fuel next time :P
  5. Socks

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Everyone got cars ready?
  6. Socks

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Oooo no messing about! EP70 are really light so you wont need alot of power to scare yourself! Keep us posted!
  7. Socks

    club membership THANG!

    Calm Down. Try it now mate.
  8. Socks

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    You coming for a mooch up?
  9. Socks

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Argh that's wank. Did you book on?
  10. Socks

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Let us know if you get it booked!
  11. Socks

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Let us know if you do dude!
  12. Socks

    Project Mighty Trust Krusher

    As much as i love the 4/5s new rims look sick dude!
  13. Socks


    Retry Buddy!
  14. Now Available! First 10x sold get free stuff thrown in!
  15. Socks


    Try now bud!