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  1. Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Much prefer those wheels! Looks mega dude! Nothing wrong with getting to a spec your happy with and maintaining it!
  2. Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Rotten luck about the sill man. If these cars have been over here long enough it can happen to them! Such a shame youve had nothing but bad luck so far too, these cars are usually pretty good. Rear brakes look great now! Keep it up!
  3. Old member returning

    Alot of dickheads on FB too haha. Welcome back along!
  4. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    The above headgasket/ARP Bolts fixed the issue. I didn't think it was the gasket, as I sniff tested it, compression tested it and couldn't replicate the fault on the road. Only on track. But now.... Drive it hard all I want, in 25 deg ambient. Water gauge didn't move from 82c (the thermostat temp). A triple core civic rad seems to be enough cooling capacity for the mean time anyways.
  5. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    So! Onto Cadwell! With new bigger tyres on the front, the old ones had done 5 track days And new brakes, disks were warped big time after the late braking at Blyton last time, so new disks and inspect the pads.... Another day in them yet :p...... (which there was lol!) So off we went to Cadwell, this with a good handful of mates. Think there was 4 EP3s, Dc2 & Mk5 Zetec S Fez too. My good friend Joe, (Red EP3 with black lip) again had some good fun on track with him as you'll see in the video.... Didnt go so well for the Fez tho! He lost it through hall bends :s Anyhoo, was a mega day! Car performed Amazing all day. Only used low boost again all day, it really was enough! Grip was so much better, altho a little scrubbage, I will get away with a slight arch roll! (on the front) New Brake Pads and a few other little mods for the next one! Enjoy the video. We were getting times down into the high 1:40s which is pretty respectable! GoPro went flat towards the end of the day so most of this is late morning where we were still getting a feel for the track/grip levels again.
  6. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    So! Id been having an issue with the coolant slowly moving into the overflow bottle over time (2-3 track sessions) but then not moving back. Having replaced the thermostat, rad cap, radiator. etc trying to sort it throughout the year. I decided to bite the bullet and do the head-gasket just to rule it out. Also would give me an opportunity to see inside the engine to see what the score is! So! Off came the head! It looks great inside, obv carbon built up which backs up the mileage..... But the bores and head looked great! So gave her a scrub up! Thats better Then re-assembled with a new Toyota Gasket and these: All torqued down tight, and Cadwell Park around the corner. Time to see how we do on those Water Temps!
  7. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    The kits ok. Collector is a bit poor flow wise. Fitted perfectly tho, no complaints for what I paid for it!
  8. Dans Blue EP85

    This is mega, shit luck with the plug, I feel your pain, had it myself.
  9. Building the Dream

    Looks Great!
  10. dogbox

    Awesome shots Gee. Interested to see how it holds up to decent power also!
  11. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    So! I did several track days with the above setup last year. Improving the car each time, in small ways. Adding: Cusco BMCS Triple Core Civic Radiator (This one was important as temps on track are hard to manage) Oil Breather System that can cope with added boost Paddle Clutch again to cope with more boost# My own civic rad brackets: All fitted up. Then started putting breather system together which was a complete DIY job that turned out great! Then I ended up getting this kit for £250! lol. Couldn't turn that down that's for sure. Sent the turbo off to good ole Liam to get rebuilt, with a Billet Wheel. Liam does a great job as always. Get it all fitted up: Got an AVCR off a local for sale page on fb for £100! Got it all finished: Then it was mapping time. Made good power too! lol whoops. Sorry engine Anyways, onto Blyton for a shakedown! Car performed so well all day. The tyres on the front were fucked, this was there 5th track day. So i turned it down to 0.9bar, even then was spinning at this corner exit. So much fun tho! The amount of people that came over and asked first of all wtf was under the hood but then said its hilarious to watch on track. Mixture of the tripod thing and the noise it makes. It puts on a show haha! It was a great day, nice to see GlanzaMac too who popped in to say high! Slowly over the afternoon it got more and more moist until it eventually caught me out on the brakes and it span lol. I nearly held it but it was going round!   Then a video of the highlights with some good battles! All good fun! Cadwell again next in May!
  12. So. As it is now. Its running and no faults. Just needs finishing off in places and boost turning up! Watch this space...
  13. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Whiteline Camber Bolts dude. Swap them out to the other hole of the 2 in the strut/hub ;)
  14. New jperformance mag

    Yeh its one of Busseys mates I think...