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  1. Ooo. no messing with this build dude. That turbo is cabale of 400bhp on a 4E so you'll piss 350bhp ;) Welcome to UKSO also. Keep us posted!
  2. Socks

    Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Good lad. I hope it doesnt end, there too fun!
  3. Socks

    Jake's 97 Glanza V

    Come a long way since I last saw it dude Still enjoying it? Any more plans?
  4. Socks

    New starlet to bournemouth

    Welcome Mate! Your photos must be huge! Get a project thread started and allow people to keep up with progress as you make changes :)
  5. Socks

    Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Great job with the Sill for DIY! Most people would have scrapped the shell if they saw that! Coming along great, keep up the hard work!
  6. Socks

    Timmah's '96 Glanza V

    Considering the list of tures you had to deal with, this is turning out great! Keep up the hard work!
  7. Socks

    3rd time lucky!?

    Didnt even see this! Get it done, once they get under your skin, they dont leave!
  8. Socks


    Thanks chaps!
  9. Hi Folks. Jumped to latest version of Invision Power Board again. Any bugs or problems. Please report them to staff! Kind Regards Matt
  10. Socks

    TF035 Turbocharger

  11. Basically a TD04L with a smaller back wheel. Faster Spool. Same mountings & Lines. Didnt smoke, I drove the forester it was on before I removed it but been stored for a year now. Rebuilding it certainly would freshen it up! £75 Posted? Paypal or Bank Xfer. Postage via MyHerpies.
  12. Sound Great. In Fully working order. Came in the back of a car I imported. They illuminate White at Night. lol Proper JDM. £50 Posted. Paypal or Bank Xfer Postage via MyHerpies
  13. Used, but perfect working order. Ready to be lube'd and assembled. Come with stock mounts removed ready to go! £85 Posted. Based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Shipping via MyHerpies. Unless otherwise requested.
  14. Socks

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Get it done, you'll love it! Sorry Boys! 103mph Sorry Boys! 103mph