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  1. Calling all ye olde members!!

    But it was a fast acting 3SGTE sensor, which appears to be gone from ebay now   Celica GT4 RIAT Inlet Air TemperatureSensorFrom this ebay seller:
  2. Calling all ye olde members!!

    I have the resistance figures for the OEM sensor if your trying to get it work with a standalone   I find its plenty fast enough so far
  3. Has gone

    We will get our photobucket photos back, i just need to actually do it
  4. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Can you give us some more information. Is it just a UK spec non turbo starlet   Do you know what emissions readings were? 
  5. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Unfortunately it's not quite that simple. Essentially what you just compared to like having a boost leak on your car and instead throwing the hole thing away and getting an Evo.  Instead were are replacing the digital boost pipes and getting a new intercooler made.  We are actually moving a new host but we're combining it with the software upgrade sovyjag we have a clean start!
  6. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    It's a complicated issue that is to do with how long the forum software has been running and changes in the new version    We are talking with the forum software providers to get them to help fix it. But it takes time unfortunately as even they don't know exactly what is going on 
  7. iamlegend ran a forged motor on an auto no issues as far as i remeber   I know Tuning Developments mapped it for him, so could always give them a call

    Do you make real carbon badges? or just carbon stickers?
  9. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Ethereum and Ripple are the places to be right now
  10. Rob you would make me so happy, Ive been pining after a 82 cruise bonnet for years
  11. EP82 cruise bonnet please
  12. Ep82 rear lights

    Hook me up 
  13. Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    As long as it's taxed and insured for June. As your bringing it over for the wedding ;)
  14. Best coilovers

    I like my Meister's. Got them on the civic and the starlet 
  15. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    I can't get to it either. So it's not a permissions issue Im currently speaking to socks. We are going to get a night next week to get up to the very latest version of the forum software. Then if we get issues we can get help from the forum software providers. Until we are on the latest version they aren't too willing to help