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  1. TrisK

    Brembo 4 pots conversion

    I think somebody found a similar sized set up from a focus rs started making it work, but it would have required a minimum of 17 inch wheels
  2. TrisK

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Yeah. I have a megasquirt
  3. I mean they don't run a full interior
  4. I think most people running a walbro have stripped their car so thats where the noisy claims are coming from I found mine hard to hear with the engine running with an after market exhaust with a full interior
  5. TrisK

    Project Mighty Trust Krusher

    Looking good nick. As much as im sad about the 4/5s, NT03's are legendary wheels! Also think the offset is +35 for NT03 in that size iirc
  6. A Walbro isnt loud with rear seats tbh
  7. TrisK

    Membership renewal

  8. TrisK

    New Starlet owner from South Florida USA

    Becoming a paid member will increase the upload size limit. Otherwise find somewhere else to post them eg Imgur or Photobucket and then copy the forum share link Look forward to seeing the car!
  9. TrisK

    Help with membership please!

    I have reset the invoice, can you try again please
  10. TrisK

    Hi all! Newbie (sort of) checking in.....

    Civic daily and starlet fun car is the perfect combination. Although I have an EP3 daily and a GT fun car!
  11. TrisK

    2zz Coils Ignition

    Message me. I'll take them
  12. Done. Will be giving these a watch later on tonight
  13. Cheers Phil, I try and provide enough detail for people to think about how they could use some of the ideas! Cheers Rob! They are 15x8 et20, with a 5mm spacer at the front, so effective et15 Custom rear camber, cruise wings up front and heavily rolled arches at the back. they definately didnt bolt on
  14. Okay, so biggggg update WMS brakes went on: Gearbox, flywheel and clutch went in, went for a ORC 309D, the silent with the little springs, but it still rattles its twat off. Also got a new gearbox, which is a GT box with a Cusco plate LSD in it The uprights for the harness bar were fabricated by RobH (as I/the other boys were running out of time) They came out on time and on budget, so if you have any little jobs like that that need doing. Rob is definately your man! A little bit of mapping happened, just to get the car drivable. This is only at 0.8 bar, so is fairly respectable figures. Eespecially to say the timing hasnt been touched yet I had to call in some massive favours to get the wings painted at short notice! Then the reason we were in such a rush, i used the starlet as my wedding car. it drove me and my best man to the church, then my wife and I away. such an awesome memory for the car. and means I have the wife on board with letting me keep it forever! win, win! Then whilst it was together, I have driven it a few times and instagramed it a lot. Still working on a few other bits and bots, tablet headunit, extended wheel studs, more mapping at some point and paint will be happening soon Ps, also trailing some MK2 lights, not sure how i feel about them. Think i might go back to Mk1. Opinions?
  15. TrisK

    Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    Thats scary, did it happen in the car on on lathe?