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  1. There is a guy who has a Glanza V rep in France. Might be some tips in here or you could DM him
  2. No they are all different
  3. The part you have circled is essential the stock recirculating valve (like a dump valve but goes back into the intake). Best thing for you to do is to connect it to the take off in the silver pipe to the far right of your pic. The other side an go to atmosphere. You will need to keep the small vacuum line that runs to the top of it, you can use any sort of silicone hose to replace this with a longer one
  4. Hi George, You havent, as it says member under your name, not Club Member
  5. TrisK

    Discord Chat

    The main issue with Facebook is there is no retention of information Which leads to the same questions being asked over and over and over and over and over again
  6. You wont be able to use a ORC clutch with a standard flywheel i dont think
  7. That starter should be the same accross 4e and 4efte engines id wonder if the fly wheel is warped possibly?
  8. TrisK

    Discord Chat

    I created a discord channel for UKSO Thought it might be nice for some light hearted banter and chat. You can join from your pc or through the app on your phone https://discord.gg/xfmKYkS
  9. Because I assume socks has now cleared it entirely try and purchase a brand new one on the store
  10. Also just the for the record, as i explained in a PM. It wouldnt expire on the day that you bought it. It would be valid for one year from the date of paying. Its just the way the invoice is raised that it runs for one year. You wouldnt have been short changed for any months
  11. Forums are a dying art. But the problem with social media is that it's a very in the moment thing. Conversation on there comes and goes and has 0 recall if you wanna find something again That's where forums have their worth. Is years of easily retrievable info
  12. Did you get anywhere with this Rob?
  13. You cant reply in the wanted section as you arent a full member. Therefore you cant sell through the site, at present. Replying to a wanted thread is normally because you have the item to sell no? Unfortunately when it comes to permissions like that, the forum software doesn't differentiate between a new topic, and a new post. So it ends up being a minimum of 50 posts for both.
  14. It will either be post count, or the fact that you are a regular level member Crack on and use Facebook if you want. I'm not going to loose any sleep over it
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