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  1. Idrees

    Detailed Glanza

    Looks spotless, good work!
  2. Looks sweet, love the wheels
  3. Idrees

    piston gudgeon pin

    OE are pressed in
  4. Idrees

    Glanza Front Wheel Bearings Keep Going

    Ours are supplied with a 12 month warranty so we'll give you a new one if it packs in (we never get any warranty claims on them though). I suspect there may an underlying issue here though.
  5. Idrees

    Standard excedy clutch rating

    If it's biting while the clutch is down it sounds like it may need bleeding Standard Exedy clutch should be okay at 180bhp
  6. Hi! Im looking for a Ep82 livesports rear spoiler! By any chance you have one?


  7. Idrees

    TD05 4EFTE

    Do you have the parts yet? It's pretty straight forward once you have the parts in front of you. The oil line connects with a banjo bolt from the engine (beneath the oil filter) to the top of the turbo. The original banjo bolt will fit on the engine side but you'll need the correct banjo bolt for the turbo side. The water lines screw on to the back of the turbo and connect to the engine using jubilee clips. You may have to trim these lines down as they're often supplied with extra length.
  8. Idrees

    Has Toyotagtturbo.com gone

    It's usually a load of rubbish. Newbies asking the same questions every day. In regards to TGTT it's been dying a slow death for years. I'm surprised to even hear it being mentioned!
  9. Idrees

    Has Toyotagtturbo.com gone

    I don't think the Admin can do anything to make people stay. Everyone finds it easier to use Facebook which is a massive shame. Every forum seems to have gone this way apart from M3 Cutters.
  10. Idrees

    5e oil pump

    Seal on block if it's a 5E-FE from a Paseo
  11. I've got lower darker interior panels here.
  12. Idrees

    Best rear ARB kit

    We sell both but Whiteline gets my vote and that's what we have on our Glanza
  13. Idrees

    Wanted: 4E-FTE Oil Pick (EP82)

  14. Idrees

    Project Red Ranger

    This is looking awesome!