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  1. Alloys to fit Ksport 6 Pot

    That's correct Dan. 286mm kit with 15x7" Pro Race 1.2s pictured 
  2. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    We've stopped selling FRP parts as our supplier simply does not manufacture them quick enough. The last few orders we processed took around three months from date of order to date of dispatch. We feel embarrassed to keep you guys waiting so long so removed everything temporarily   We're still working on a solution so bare with us and we'll see what we can do.  Theres no fitment issues with EP82 lower spoilers. Any parts with fitment issues have been removed from our catalogue competely. 
  3. Wanted lower glanza/dark plastics interior.

    I have a set. I'll get pictures tomorrow
  4. Rear wheel bearings

    We have them in stock. You can order them on our website and you'll receive them tomorrow 
  5. Standard Calipers Wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a set of OEM Glanza front calipers with carries please The rubber brake hoses would also be quite useful  PM me please  
  6. ID-Workz FRP Bonnet - Poor Quality

    I'm surprised to read this. You ordered a bonnet and we took way too long to send it out. I apologised about this many times and said you're welcome to a refund at any stage if you decided you don't want to wait any longer. The delay was due to our supplier and this is the reason we no longer sell FRP parts (they've all been removed from our website). The bonnet was the same shape as in the picture but the gel coat was white instead of grey as we our supplier no longer uses grey gel coat. It has never been an issue with others customers over the last 8 years, Once you received the bonnet you told me it wasn't up to scratch and that it'll cost 100 Euros to repair. My replies were delayed as I was going back and forth with the supplier but I never once ignored your email. In the end I offered to help pay for the repairs myself but I haven't heard from you since. As you can see below, the last email you sent me was on 29th August. I emailed you on the 5th and you haven't replied. You haven't once mentioned anything about the bonnet being out of shape, a replacement, a refund of the mould until now. If you had emailed me about this we'd have it sorted.
  7. Speeding advice?

    Give it 6 months
  8. ID-Workz Trustpilot Reviews

    Bump for all those new customers
  9. Hi, Just a heads up for our bank holiday website sale. We're reducing everything on our website from 7pm tonight to Tuesday midnight. This includes everything such as service parts and performance parts from a wide range of brands such as BC Racing, Competition Clutch, K-Sport, TiAL, Turbosmart, EBC Brakes, TEiN, SuperPro, Powerflex, Whiteline and Eibach. Take a look on our website after 7 and see what takes your pick! Idrees
  10. Whiteline droplinks and D bushes

    We've got both items in stock mate. D bushes: Drop links:
  11. EP91 wishbones will not fit using your EP82 rear mounting bracket as the rear bushes are smaller on the EP91 wishbones. The front bushes are also smaller but these do not affect fitment. If you want to use EP91 wishbones you have two options: 1. Source EP91 rear mounting brackets 2. Fit an Anti-lift kit (supplied with new bushes and brackets)
  12. Tial MVS springs

    We have all springs in stock. Let me know what size you need and I'll send you a price over (cheaper than any other Genuine TiAL retailer)
  13. We had a couple of issues with Starlet Comp Clutch kit years ago however they've been 100% successful recently. I don't recall any issues with the last 40+ kits we've sold, maybe more. As Ryan said Comp Clutch offers a very good service so even those that did have issues were replaced with no quibble. The Stage 3 isn't a paddle clutch so it's nice to drive with compared to a paddle clutch. The Stage 4 is a 6 PUK Paddle but still nicer to drive with than some others on the market. I won't say anything about the Spec clutch other than do a search on here to get an idea of how frequently they fail. A lot of our customers have bought Comp Clutch kits to replace their broken Spec clutches.
  14. I don't like Mayweather either but I don't think McGregor stands a chance