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dont look to bad the chassi leg is still strait could be fixed for sure

buut what a shame

That's exactly what I was looking at. Looks like he's hit something big like a 4x4. Damage is high up the bonnet. You'd expect that front mount to be in bits but it's not trashed

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From incredibly mint to shit in no time, some people don't deserve these rare cars, twat of a new owner for ya.

What a bloody waste of all that time and effort, feel gutted myself, bet you're heartbroken about that one John...

hardly the new owners fault if someone pulled out on him. Accidents happen

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Sure I seen a pic of it on insta next to a red glanza saying 2 become one back along.

That was me,

Sadly the car is CAT B so sadly wont be going back on the road :(

The previous owner is a good friend of mine, accident was no fault of his own, would be such a shame to see it all go to waste so i decided to grab it off him, Purchase complete last night, Basically i will be using the car for the engine and a few other bits for my red V

At least some of John's hard work will live on! I will keep you all posted!

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