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  1. ste91

    Old member returning

    Just been browsing and reading some old posts, disappointed to see no activity on the forum anymore, it used to be buzzing back in the day, I joined here in Feb 2008 so that's almost 10 years of being interested in Starlets, still recognise most of the names on here! It's nice to finally have a Glanza after all this time, back when I had my n/a EP91 I thought a TD04'd Glanza was the coolest thing on 4 wheels and now I've got one which is currently on a CT9 hybrid soon to be TF035. But it seems the Starlet scene is nothing like what it used to be, often see tatty Glanzas which have fallen into the wrong hands being broken for parts on the fb groups, prices are all over the place, certain parts are now hard to find and massively over priced. At least there's still a few of us around and those that are are still really into it.
  2. ste91

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    Any updates? The last group buy only needed 10 people there's more than 10 interested here.
  3. ste91

    TF035 4cm² vs 6cm²

    Turbo turned up yesterday, got it for a decent price on ebay and it's in very good condition. TF035HM 6cm² from a Forester. Does anyone know the exact spec of the compressor wheel on these? Usually they're in the name i.e. TD04L-13T-6 but there's no compressor wheel code on the TF. Got a few other bits to sort out first and then it'll be fitted and mapped, hoping to make 230-240bhp.
  4. ste91

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    Any updates on this? And does anyone know anyone else who already has one of these ECU's and can recommend someone to map it? Is the software free and easy to get?
  5. ste91

    TF035 4cm² vs 6cm²

    Has anyone gone from a hybrid CT9 to a TF035HM 6cm²? Spotted one yesterday and bought it, it was a bit of an impulse buy but it was at the right price and looks to be in good condition, if there's no shaft play then I'll easily be able to sell it back on for what I paid so nothing to lose anyway.
  6. ste91

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    What's the price and how many people are needed?
  7. ste91

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    I might be interested
  8. What's the score with TF035's, I've done a lot of searching but there's just random bits of information thrown around and no clear answers. I'm currently on a CT9 hybrid running 0.9 bar, standard internals, apparently 200bhp. Aiming for 230ish bhp. Don't really want to go TD04 as I'd rather not push it too hard on standard internals and it seems a bit pointless using a TD04 when TF035's can still make ~230 bhp but spool quicker. Has anyone got any dyno graphcs or any info on 4cm² vs 6cm² and spool times and peak power etc...? A lot of posts on here are just "I've got this and it's the best turbo ever" but what I want to know is which version is actually better suited for 230-240bhp, obviously the 6cm² is going to flow more but is the response gained from the 4cm² housing the reason why people rave about these turbos so much? Has anyone gone from a CT9 hybrid to a TF035?
  9. ste91

    Glanza seat rails wanted

    Already seen mate but he wants £100 for them and I only really want some cheap standard ones to chop up.
  10. ste91

    Glanza seat rails wanted

    I'm after some seat rails to fit a Glanza, can collect if not too far from the west midlands, don't need to be fancy ones some standard ones that have been cut off from the seats are fine.
  11. I was thinking this exact thing myself. 200bhp on a CT9 would be ideal for me. I was mainly thinking the wear on the gearbox and other components why it would be better to just keep the power on the low side. I'm sure I'd get bored of 200bhp pretty quickly. It really depends what sort of road you're on, twisty B roads it's fine and feels like plenty of power but once you do a few pulls on a dual carriageway it starts to feel under powered, back in the day it would have been considered quick but things have moved on so much now that standard hot hatches are nearly as quick as a tuned Glanza, 250bhp is what I'd really like. Keeping it sensible but still plenty of power in a light car, but then I find it hard to justify the cost of forged internals for "only" 250 which would then make me want nearer to 300 to make it worth the cost lol.
  12. Been thinking about this and the hybrid CT9 I've got is supposed to be capable of 220bhp, it's currently at 199bhp, I suppose really I'd be better off just sticking with what I've got, getting it mapped again and turned up to 215-220 and leaving it alone. Anyone done the same and were happy enough at 215-220ish bhp?
  13. What makes you want to ditch the TD04? What power are you running? I'm really not sure what I want to do yet, always used to see it back in the day where people would chase high power numbers and then shortly after the car would be broken for parts because it had gone too far and was horrible to drive. I'd like a bit more than 200 but without too much lag, so I'm really considering a GT20 as opposed to an old school TD04.
  14. I don't think so mate, the receipt just says CT9 hybrid.
  15. ste91

    Trusted places for an engine rebuild

    Not exactly local but worth going the distance, TB Developments located in the West Midlands.